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Let's teach your nose to cook!

Let's teach your nose to cook!

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Not only does the nasal powder do good service in infancy - it eliminates the nasal passages at all ages in the most appropriate way, so it only moves outward.

However, at the nose, if done with the wrong technique, the eyelid may be pressed over the face and face. Catch one nostril with a handkerchief, slowly, steadily, but do not cook strongly on the outside of the nostril, and then hold the other nostril to clean the other nostril. If one of the nasal passages is clogged, we will only catch the free nasal passage, not the blocked one, because then the elders would look for a way out of the old. If both of your noses are clogged, we need to release the air passage before nasal discharge. Outdoors, in the cold, this usually happens spontaneously and you often have to let go. In the home, a cold, damp couple can breathe through the nose with inhalation, thyme, mint leaf warm inhalation, nasal drops, drizzling of water, room humidification.
Let's teach it
Let's collect candles and encourage them to burn them with their mouth closed. We can play the same with feather.