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What do I do with the kid?

What do I do with the kid?

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It doesn't hurt to give your bistster, especially if you're a beginner, some tips on what to do with your little ones while away.

Complete our brainstorming session with the activities that are considered to be most effective. You can educate yourself on the trustworthy neighbor or son you know. Not only do you get to know yourself, but also give you some play tips on how to spend time with your kids meaningfully, with less conflict. You can also give a printed list, or display it in your home to keep it handy.

What should you do together?

0-4 days: Take it out in a stroller or carry, if you can, pick it up and rock it in comfort. Most babies settle in for Mozart's music and quiet singing. Milking and cumulation is unnecessary and harmful, and other methods of soothing work better.
5-7 days: He loves to take objects in your hand, which will attract your attention for a long time. Just give it something that the paint does not dissolve, and small parts cannot come off, no sharp, sharp parts! It is worth putting down a blanket on which to play and roll. Everything in your mouth.
8-12 hrs: Peeps, which are like covering your face with a cloth and then asking where this baby is. After a few seconds, you get the cloth and gladly tell him that he is here. You can love your wife in the apartment. From this perspective, make sure that the terrain is properly drained, that small objects, such as buttons, button cells, needles, are not rolling. He loves the sayings that have body parts associated with the game, like "It's gone hunting ..."

One-Year-Old Babies Love Simple Bibs

13-18 hrs: She loves to walk, push, handle everything, examine her. He listens eagerly to the name of the thing. This is the time for simple picture books, in which objects, animals are drawn, recognizable, realistic pictures. It is possible to build a cube tower, to slice players through a small hole in a paper box. She loves and loves simple songs, like a little pig, tail-to-tail, elbish, toubby, to jumping over the mosquito under the shore.
Kйtйves: You like to plasticize, strain on sourdough, cut into pieces and chop. The first characters can start. He loves to hear head-to-head tales about the things he wears on a daily basis. With simple keyboards, like Lego Duplou, you can do it right.
Hбromйves: Talking through storybooks, talking about pictures, telling a fairy-tale head and listening to more complex stories. She likes to play with toys, simple jigsaw puzzles, like dressing up a teddy bear. Shoppers, carpenters are the favorite of babies and toddlers. You can always win with magic, especially if you find it very hard and praise how good you are. If you go, make a voice to find it easier.
Nйgyйves: Simple board games, puzzles, fairy tale reading, playgrounds - you can do just about anything within the bounds of sanity. More complex roles, Doctor, Papa, Mother's, Cooking (picking everything you find, baby feeding).
At any age: It's always a good idea to exercise, exercise, exercise, ball, tooth, skate, and of course at the age appropriate for your child.
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