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Last minute tips for allergies

Last minute tips for allergies

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It is no exaggeration to say that the allergic season is always raging. For those suffering from ragweed, the end of the summer can be a real boon.

Last minute tips for allergiesIf you've tried everything but the situation hasn't improved, here are some last minute tips and a nice solution for the next few days of pollen dr. Zsuzsanna Sebõ gyermekgyуgyбsztуl.

1. Be careful with provocative materials!

Maybe we should not eat foods that can cross-react with ragweed allergy. Even though the last rays of the summer may be a very slice of hot watermelon, we do not recommend it, as do the yellow melons. The to-do list also includes bananas, zucchini, cucumbers, honey and some spices. We should definitely avoid these during the season, but people with severe allergies are well advised to skip cucumber salad and mussels, as well as to avoid all pollen allergies. It is important to tailor your diet, which are the foods that trigger the cross-reaction, that is, provoke the same symptoms as the substance to which you are allergic (although, in fact, we are not allergic to these foods).

2. The power of your water

During this period, it is advisable to rinse our noses several times daily with mildly shallow water, sea salt and nasal showers to remove pollen adhering to the mucous membrane.

3. General hair washing

Not only do we have to shower and change our clothes in the evening, but we also shower our hair thoroughly. Of course, you don't have to use shampoo every day, but you should definitely count adherent pollens with clean water.

4. Handling of clothes

It is forbidden to dry clothes, linen and towels of pollen allergies in the open air, because the weight of the pollen can be adhered to by them. It is recommended that you wash your washing machine once a week with Tris wash, which also protects against bacterial growth.

5. Clear healing

Homeopathy is a well-established method of fighting allergies, but complex treatment is definitely something that a homeopathic physician should take care of. You can try some symptoms without consulting, which can make your everyday life easier. If nasal congestion is predominant, Apis raw material is added, if the symptoms are the most comfortable, then Euphrasia, which may occur. Ambrosia and Histaminum should be added to our list. Homeopathy is used to treat symptomatic drugs at 5-9-15 CH, and the symptoms, and their intensity, depend on up to several times a day.Related articles in Allergy:
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