Half of the people struggle with mobility blindness?

Half of the people struggle with mobility blindness?

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It is not a far-fetched thought to think about it on a busy road, but unfortunately it is better to face the truth: most people can be mobile, that is, unable to detect movement.

Half of the people struggle with mobility blindness?

Motion blind when peripheral view movement does not detect a part or whole, caused by agnosis. Agnosis is a state of objects, symbols, sounds, and other senses. struggle with recognition disorder people whose sensory functions work just as well. It has recently come to light that this problem, though different in size, but - much more commonas professionals have believed so far.The staff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that about half of the volunteers involved in the research have this problem, so they have reason to believe that the situation is quite similar. how many people struggle to detect movement properly. Thousands of people have been tested and the results are shocking, "says research Bas Rokers According to the specialist the person with the most agnosis is not aware that he is affected by the problemsince the eyes function perfectly, agnosis is a dysfunction of the brain.In some cases, face blindness is a form of agnes, when one is unable to recognize faces that are familiar to the person, but he may because he doesn't see it.
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