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May impair male fertility on ibuprofen

May impair male fertility on ibuprofen

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Long-term use of ibuprofen-containing painkillers and pain relievers for male fertility is not good, according to a Danish and French study.

The researchers examined 31 male athletes. Half of the participants in the study 600 mg for 2 weeks ibuprofen the other participants received a placebo tablet twice daily. (In the United States, the recommended maximum dose is 800 mg four times daily.) Men's hormone levels were measured before and after the study. Those who took ibuprofen, a greater currency developed some kind of testicular problem, between hypogonadism (reduced testosterone status). This testicular problem usually occurs in older age, but in younger children severely worsens the father's choice.It is thought by scientists that the effect of ibuprofen on the pituitary gland is responsible for fertility. The pituitary gland regulates, among others, the functioning of the testis and is found in the testisLeydig cells produce testosterone hormone, which in turn affects sperm production.Ibuprofen can impair men's fertilityFor many experts, the results have been commented on.Allan Pacey, a professor at Sheffield University warns those taking ibuprofen-containing drugs that they should consult their doctor if they need to take the medicine for more than 3 days - WebMD.