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Are you introverted? That's why you'll become a super parent

Are you introverted? That's why you'll become a super parent

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Don't you like crowds, noisy fun places, and an interesting book filled with adventure books? Then you are probably an introverted type! Let's see why you're a great mom, Dad!

More introverted people often fear that they will not be a good parent (and this is also because they are more prone to worry, problem-solving): they do not like noise and weight, , they play as soon as the thought drives them out of the cold. However, according to experts, introverts also have a number of positive qualities that can make them great parents. Let's see these!

They can listen great

While extroverts are talkative, they like to chat with others, introverts are quieter, contemplative, and listen to others with pleasure and patience. And this has a very good effect on the parent-child relationship, as the introverted parent is able to see what your baby is up to and ready to listen to whatever the little one wants to say.

Avoid conflicts

Introverts are more prone to conflict avoidance, and are often effective in avoiding disputes that will only result in unnecessary shouting and tension. This can be of particular benefit in the racket period: introverts are more likely to eliminate themselves and children from the hysterical situation, which is often one of the best ways to resolve it. An introverted parent can tune into his or her childhood

They can tune in to the other

Introverts can spend a lot of time analyzing and examining their own sensations, reactions, moods, and this can also make them more effective in recognizing the feelings of others. An introverted parent can be more empathetic and understanding with the child, and less prone to lowering the child's anger or sadness.

Let's talk about who and what to look for

Inward-looking people generally consider the quality of relationships, objects, and results much more than quantity, but when they find what is right for them, they are great. Of course, this attribute can be reflected back in parenting!

They can stay in the backyard

Introverts generally do not like being in the center, they are far from being a speaker, they prefer to stay in the background. This can be confusing for many (and, of course, there may be situations in which they must overcome themselves), but children can profit from it. Children of introverted parents do not have to worry about being oppressed by their parents or putting them in an awkward position with their loudness!

They are caring and loving

Introvertism does not generally mean that someone is anti-social, brittle or unfriendly. Moreover, an inward-looking person can be surprisingly affectionate, caring, and anxious, but it only makes them more aware of who they are paying attention to, or they may become slower. (Via)You may also be interested in: