If your baby doesn't come, Examine yourself consciously!

If your baby doesn't come, Examine yourself consciously!

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It is not uncommon for affected individuals to go from one doctor to another without having a comprehensive and transparent examination of the problem. That's why it's important that you know when to expect.

You do not have to wait for a year to get all the next steps in the most important and substantial way. Monitor and clean everything you can at home, with simple tools, over six cycles.1. Make a table, observe the your cycle, and note the length, the number of bloody days over time. Do you experience any typical lower abdominal symptoms during the ovary period (mostly in the middle)? Billions and notes of your awake temperature over several cycles, as well as changes in the average and quantity of your vagina. Indicate in the table if you regularly shake your head or change your weight on certain days.2. Think before the end sexual relationships and whether you may be able to pick up an infection that can affect your fertility even if it is asymptomatic. For example, sex-transmitted chlamydia. Your partner must do the same! Note if you had periods when you had your first menstrual period when in captivity or homewhen dealing with eating disorders, when your cycle was interrupted, or very irregular. It is common for very lean or severely overweight women to become pregnant.When you are observing the above, a small number can start the necessary exams.

Female Health Examination and Sperm Examination

This includes the standard hand-held women's checkup for cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and klamнdia screening, a female ultrasound examination, and in the case of a male, a sperm test, which also includes quantitative and qualitative factors, as well as bacterial screening of the ondou. If the male has or has had complaints of organs, kidneys, urological examination is also required. It is worth contacting an andrology who is a urologist who deals with genital examination. Don't forget to have regular dental checks at least half a year. Suggested date: roughly mid-cycle. The date of the male examination: as early as possible.The next step is the examination of the hormonal and metabolic processes.

What Can Affect Productivity?

In the next block, there are many different tests, all of which take the form of a sample. Until the results are available, it is not expedient to take further steps (for example, ovarian cancer), as they are aimed at purifying levels of fertility, conception, women hormones Testing of the levels between the second and the fifth day of the cycle (FSH, LH, estrogen, prolactin, testosterone - true, it is a male hormone, but it is also produced in the female body and is problematic if its levels are above normal). szйnhidrбt metabolism in-depth examination: glucose, insulin resistance sugar test also insulin levels.‒ Pajzsmirigyvizsgбlatok, as malnutrition and other thyroid diseases significantly weaken your chances of conceiving. Usually these are needed: TSH, T3, T4, anti-TPO.
- Blood coagulation tests, potentially fatal, risk factors, such as screening for Leiden mutation. rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes), and if so, are older or more recent infections.
Suggested date for female hormone tests: In the first days of the cycle.When are you most likely to get fertile?

Does it work properly?

Once the details are clear, it will be difficult to check if there is an ovulation, when to expect a follicular crack. This is called folliculometria with the help of ultrasound examination. The post-ovoid test (PCT), the post-sexual test for sperm, can take place in the period around the ovary. In this case, we investigate how the sperm behaves in the target area, in the target area, as a sample of the vagina. In some immunolуgiai, цsszefйrhetetlensйgi problйmбk esetйn because hiбba jу the elsх spermavizsgбlat eredmйnye if ebbхl the tesztbхl the derьl out to yield the mйh kцzelйbe not elйg mozgйkonyak or йletkйpesek the ondуsejtek.Ebben the idхszakban, that the cycle kцzйpidejйben also cйlszerы elvйgezni the nхi hormone levels mйrйseket .
Suggested date: mid-cycle Would you be able to fertilize your fertilized egg?

Are the conditions for grooming given?

Half of the cycle, ideally 20-22. A repeated female hormone test performed on a day (less than a long cycle) aims to determine if the hormonal processes are developing properly and to be able to digest the fertilized egg in the uterus.

Research on mechanical barriers

Anything else?

If all the results have been OK so far, and you can't get pregnant, the doctor starts to look for mechanical reasons to see if there are any specific physical impediments (for example, adhesion, myoma, endometriosis) fertility, egg cell transfusion, or post-fertilization in the ovary. And this is always just an examination! Treatment should not take place until internal anatomical conditions have been clarified.Most often, HSG (hysterosalpalography) test: a metal mask is injected into the abdomen and then contrast media is injected into the abdomen. This is followed by a trace of the pattern of the fallopian tubes and moles. Hystero-contrast sonography (HYCOSY) is used to inject contrast media into the uterus and fallopian tubes, followed by an ultrasound examination, which is more cost-effective, more convenient, and more private. The simpler, partial adhesions and blemishes are also washed away with the contrast agent. kismedencйt. The abdomen can also be detected by bypassing the previous two examinations, hysteroscopy. At the same time, if necessary, the doctor can perform minor or major interventions.