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What are we afraid of during pregnancy?

What are we afraid of during pregnancy?

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It is not uncommon for a baby to be stressed during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, with strange dreams, constant fears about the baby, pregnancy and motherhood. But do you have fears?

Physical changes, insecurity, and anxiety are often the root of irrational fears in my mother. Some of these are generally justifiable and understandable, but anyone who has been curious already knows that even the tiniest of things are able to get pregnant moms down. has compiled the most common things they have!

What are we afraid of during pregnancy?

1. If I lie on my stomach, you love the baby

Who in the head wouldn't have thought about what if he had accidentally turned his stomach and caused harm to the fetus? No need to worry, as your body will be sure to tell you if you are not lying on your stomach. While we are in the early stages of pregnancy, we will not feel overwhelmed at all, and if we have a big tummy, it will be comfortable for the positive, so it will not hurt the baby.

2. Will my face change?

"My number one concern was that my nose might get bigger. I remember having a friend who, after becoming pregnant, had twice the size of his nose as he was in college," a woman said, even if laughing. sounds like there is some truth to it. At least one woman experiences the most significant changes in her face during her pregnancy. But, among others, it is related to weight gain, water retention, and hormone balance. At the same time, the situation is not so drastic, if we feel one morning that a stranger is looking back at us from the mirror, we are probably just dramatizing it. The good news, however, is that after birth, when everything returns to the old circularity, we get back our previous facial features (which may not have undergone any drastic changes either).

3. What if I eat something that annoys the baby?

Some people have pregnancy books and forums for the last 9 months, what others say, what to eat and what not to eat. Cheese, nitrates, caffeine, sushi, do you count them or not? A few things are really worthwhile for pregnant women, such as raw meat, seafood, raw milk, alcohol, but fair, pregnant, you allow yourself to do certain things by March, some do not. In any case, if we have this nausea and stress, it will surely be worth more than a few sips of coffee.

4. Loss of fetus

What if I reject it? There are hardly any mothers who don't turn around at least once in the head. Even so, we do not expect to see happiness in the first positive test anymore, and most of the time we wait for weeks to make sure everything is okay. Most miscarriages occur in the first trimester, but from the 12th week, the risk is significantly reduced. And from the 14th week, we have a good 1 percent chance of buying.

5. Hermaphrodite will be my baby

"I saw a report on the Discovery Channel about hermaphrodite children who had both female and male genitals. I was afraid of what if my baby was born like this?" . Of course, this means that you have the chance, but until you know for sure, you shouldn't worry about it. Plus, if we're expecting a baby, we'd rather not watch our science channels or try to diagnose our symptoms with the help of the internet, because it's never been good for you.Related articles about Fear, Stress in Pregnancy:
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