Homemade sunscreens are risky

Homemade sunscreens are risky

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Homemade sunblocks spreading on social sites do not provide enough protection.

There is a great need for natural, organic sunscreens, but home-made sunburns spread on the Internet do not provide enough protection against the sun's rays. Sunbeds are not always risk-free, but we must guard against the sun's rays. Of course, it is best to follow the basic rule of not sunbathing between 11 and 15 o'clock, staying in the shade, and also using a controlled product and a UV-resistant cloth.Homemade sunscreens are risky Homemade broadcasters on the Internet are not under the control of anyone and their publishing effectiveness is highly questionable. Two-thirds of home-made publishers are not at all, and one-third are barely functioning - according to the NCBI, pharmaonline.com has found that there is a . The recipes are made with just 33 percent of the wasted money. We also reminded that the products are only used within the expiration date and if the color or the color of the products has changed, they should not be used anymore.
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