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We cannot always eat regularly. Some people change their eating habits because of stress.

The result: instead of a three-day meal, a full-day dip. Not only our stomach, but also our tooth. Our country is in second place in the European "leaderboard" in the field of dental caries. Nearly ninety percent of the population suffers from inflammation. our sugar intake is just twice what is acceptable. Reducing sugar intake and regular brushing will not protect you enough. If we eat less ice, but often do it in small portions throughout the day, we do more harm than limiting our eating to the delicacies.
The secret to this is that tooth and sugar contact time in terms of caries, not quantity.

Stress-induced snoring can also lead to tooth decay

This is also the explanation for the fact that chocolate and a the caries effect of chocolate-coated sweets is smallerlike a candy cane. The fat content of chocolate is a coating on the teeth and provides a degree of protection. Drinking sweets, sweet teas, sugary fruit juices is also very harmful, besides their sugar content, the acidity is also a serious danger to the toothpick.
Disabled people have to take special care of their teeth as they it contains a lot of acidic, raw greens, fruits. The brushing your teeth immediately after eating can damage your teeth, because the enamel weakened by the acids liberated in the midst of the meal may break from strong rubbing.
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