This is the first step in making your child happy

This is the first step in making your child happy

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It is not always easy to find the things in our lives that we can be blessed with. However, there are a few ways that this can be much easier, which can improve our sleep and teach our children to do so.

This is the first step to a happy child (Fotу: iStock)

Let's see the beauty in the world

You don't have to travel or go to a museum to see something beautiful. Often there are the beautiful things in our immediate vicinity. For example, a simple thing like a tree that will be our favorite donut, because we think it is very beautiful, And what we can watch all year, how it changes from season to season.

Let's say goodbye to the kids

For example, if they are ready by themselves in the morning, let's say they are so awake. If you put the dish after the meal in the sink, thank you for helping. If you share your games, snacks with your brothers and sisters, thank you for your kindness.

Don't get used to the good stuff

Adaptation can be very useful in the case of bad things like losing a job. But good things should not be so accustomed, for they will, after all, appear to be of their own accord. It is also worth reminding the children that they may be lost in the usual routine. For example, when cycling, we can call attention to how difficult learning has become and how much they can be so frustrated now. So one-off rewards, good things, gifts can become continuous good things.

We also use emergency in difficult situations

If, for example, a child has gone to school or school, he or she will experience so much novelty that he or she cannot focus on just how much he or she has to adapt. In such a case, it works well to ask you to tell me three things that may be the same day. So you can focus on what the new situation has given him then instead of worrying about him.

Let's share it if we're just sorry

Everyone has tiny moments when they feel happy because, for example, they eat a delicious dinner in the family circle or just have a great day. If the kids are around, let's share them so they can get to know what a human being can be.

How lucky we are !?

How lucky are your grandparents living near us, right? How fortunate we are to be so kind to our friends, aren't we? How lucky we are to have such a cool puppy, aren't we? Asking questions like this helps us jointly blame for important and good things, And remember what a great life we ​​have. If we decide to recognize the good, we will take it for granted and feel better! (VIA)Related links:


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