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Is the tesu coming? Tell the kid!

Is the tesu coming? Tell the kid!

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No matter when, no matter how, and of course how old the big brother is when the little one arrives. We'll give you some tips on how to tell the big one when your brother comes.

Is the tesu coming?

The key to making a family life big change is when a little brother comes. Most Bigger Brother Life Causes the Biggest Change in the Birth of a New Baby, So It's a good time to wake up to change. Of course, there are many things to keep in mind: how big is your older brother, how big is your pregnancy during the third week of pregnancy, and last but not least how your big sister handles the role of your big brother. The article has put together the most important aspects.If our child is relatively large, most parents are very clear about how to talk about their newborn baby, but smaller ones tend to neglect that you can understand anything from the whole. That is, of course, not true. Children, even if they are only 1-2 years old, understand a great deal without words, without explanations, only with the mood, the gestures of the parents: even if they do not appreciate it, they feel that there is something in the family. That's why psychologists say it is communicating with little ones is also importantto make big changes, of course, paying attention to age-specific features.

It's all tiny: up to two

The advice is that on this level, but somehow, you put the Tesu request into your life, the most appropriate thing to do is mesekцnyvek. You may not be interested in the law, but after the birth of your tesu you will gain all that you have heard from these books. With great currency, we won't deal with many requests, many "why", but we will also work on the little ones so that a new member of the family will soon arrive. we want more help from grandparents or chicks to the bigger one. Changes should not happen at the same time in the larger life: it is worthwhile to start waking up before the baby is born, if you are planning to do so. Don't feel like you have been lost from home.If you are at home, but need more grandparent care after your baby is born, let's talk to the bigger one and start this process 4 days later . At least this one thing is sure to stay shorter in big life.

Between two and four years old: let's survive

This is a time when there are just as many changes in a child's life: he / she begins to wit / ovit, becomes more and more volatile, he / she is able to express his / her needs, he / she becomes clean. Do not force developmental milestones (eg, room cleanliness) and do not associate with the arrival of your brother (let's not say you are growing big now, but you don't want to become a diaper). : at the playground, at the ovis board or at the doctor's office. There are people who are particularly interested in the little ones, they are caring, they leave others cold, and there are also those who are especially anxious about a baby or a distraction. There is no need to draw far-reaching conclusions from either: they may be completely mistreated by the little brother. Many women are not at all interested in strange babies, and at the time of their birth, they are just as eager to be - even in the case of a sibling like this - on Conflict of emotions don't frighten the parent: it happens that one day she strokes her mother's belly, the next day she doesn't even want a sibling. These are all completely normal reactions. The point is not to force any major role and create a situation where you can formulate your senses. Allow the frustration and the hardships of your brotherhood to survive.It is important that you do not do not force rb the big baby - says - neither during pregnancy nor later - that is, it is not "obligatory" for the baby to be, but it is not obligatory to be baby.

So over the age: let's talk a lot

At this age, too They are interested in the topicand even a lot of things are worth it. Because of their ability to balance, it can happen that their mothers are afraid of change, and that is why they always explain everything. the pregnancy, her birth, what it was like when she was a baby. It will unequivocally indicate when and how much you are interested, let him or her decide. Look at the fйnykйpeket a hundred times, read the mesйt thousands of times if you need it. Mostly it happens with little babies, but often also with the boys (and it is important to let them go too!) to have their own baby, teddy bear that can be nourished, fed, breastfed He knows the way he did it when he was little and how he handles it when he is born. This is very important because the players can more easily identify with the world around them and process their senses.

When do we tell you?

As with grown-up family members, it is important to note that if you tell it too early and you will not become pregnant, then the loss must be communicated to the child. It's a good idea to take the lead in answering this question: if everyone knows the child as soon as you know it, it's easy for someone to deceive yourself, and this is not the best way to let the big one know.

Who should give someone a gift?

When visiting babies, family members and friends usually give gifts to the little ones (and maybe the mom). It's a good idea to clarify with close family members beforehand what to do with the big one to get something for them too. also gives you a great idea: it is worthwhile to equip yourself with smaller gifts, in case someone doesn't bring it big, but for the sake of brevity, you can push it into the adult's hands to do as if they had brought it. , who also celebrate being a big bull / boy, eminals can make a bigger cake with a cake, a few balloons or a smaller plush figure. Of course, this is not obligatory, it's just a nice gesture on the big side. Of course, it's more important attention and anxiety with the big one: it is worth avoiding that everyone not only deals with the baby, but that they also play with the big one and read a story to him.
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