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You can't prepay for a baby loan

You can't prepay for a baby loan

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Previously taken loans will not be able to be repaid with baby support. Until now, I was arrested for free use of the loan.

It is estimated that 35-40 percent of baby dolls eligible for a baby loan have been sold for some time. However, baby loan support, which will be available as of July 1, will not be available for early loan repayments - the Index tells This is clear from the Ministry of Finance on the basis of the guidelines issued to the banks. That's why I'm surprised. because in the past it was thought that baby doll credit would be free to use.You can't prepay for a baby loan Probably, many have calculated that they would use their current higher interest rate loans to replace their current higher interest rate loans.
Managing Director of City Hitelbrуker, Richnard of Vajnbgi he told that those who have a home loan, for example, pay an average monthly salary of 50-70 thousand forints, so that the affected person can pay an average of up to about 5 million forints The potential increase of up to 10 million forints (with a maximum of 50 thousand forints per month) is limited by the so-called "income-proportional" return on income, ie the lower income of the bank This way, the early loans cannot be taken out by the baby because so the repayment details accumulate and together they can earn up to 50-60 percent of their total income, as determined by law.
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