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Workers in Family Cheats Do you like them?

Workers in Family Cheats Do you like them?

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Reconciling work and career is no easy task. The worshipers, the nurseries, are full of life, and often the long distance is a problem for parents who go to work. Thousands of family homes are being set up at the Dunaъvváros Hospital for the benefit of the workers.

The family sunrise will be set up in the St. Pantaleon Courland Order, the Old Rescue Area. Lajos Mszszros, chief medical officer, said that there was a great need for family sunbathing among their staff, and many of the problems caused by children were accommodated because of the capacity of city and suburban institutions.

First and foremost, shift workers will be able to take advantage of services; the family's day-to-day working hours will be maximally aligned with the work schedule, so it will be open not only on weekdays but also during weekends. It is planned that three group rooms will be created in the new free-living facility, which can accommodate 7-7 children. In addition to the day care, a playhouse would also operate based on the needs of parents with shorter children who require 1-2 ounces. It is anticipated that children will be welcomed from wandering to pre-school age. They will require a state standard for family day care, and parents will be asked for a substantial contribution similar to municipal schooling - read at MTI.