How do you put your baby to sleep?

How do you put your baby to sleep?

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Esther wondered if she should take the soother and what other methods were available during the midwinter swimsuit and rocking. Some ideas came from a mother feeding her baby bottle, and everyone agreed that she did not eat so hot.

At the request of Esther, the following answers were given:


Since my baby was stomachy, I carried her around all day. Neither system nor sleep as it succeeded. I slept walking, rocking, hand, cloth, stroller, music, silence, darkness, light. I really did try and understand the baby's reaction. I finally reached out to him, finally, but definitively. You can only climb back in justified cases (long bumps), first I tried to get rid of my foot. I sat in the armchair but rocked. Then when I fell asleep, I always tried to put it to bed, whether it succeeded or not. Later I didn't rock it, it just fell asleep on my face. Once I felt uncomfortable for him and put him down. She's asleep, stroking the back. All of this a long, difficult task, a lot of patience is needed, and you need to pay attention to the baby. Don't be nervous if you don't fall asleep for a reason!
Babos Borbбla

She was afraid it was difficult

I'm expecting my third baby. My grandfather cummed and tattooed (nose caressing with a small blanket), but at first he fell asleep cicin, later in the "nyamnya-tata" society, but today no one needs to, after a fairy tale will always be by his side. At first, my body fell asleep cicin, watched the baby for a couple of months, then fell asleep alone, but rocked it in the middle of a half-year-old. Now he is two and a half years old and falls asleep by himself, mostly because he "hands me" (caressing my arm) in bed, but there is a time when he decides to go to bed, harvest, that there were difficult times, but now everything is relatively easy and the changes are never with violence we were forced out. Sure, it's hard to walk with a nine-pound baby, but it's only a matter of minutes, too sick to be able to use ants in anesthesia. I wish you a successful anesthetic anyway!
F. Judit

A few counselors can help with anesthesia

Ordinary rituals, consistency

I'm feeding my baby's three-month-old baby. After eating, the game comes, and then sleep. The dummy does not accept, she does not like rocking before going to sleep, so the following is where the anesthetic comes from: Breasts, I'll tell you the anesthetic, I'll talk to you a little bit and come out of your room. They didn't get in the sun during the day because he loves to pee. If you complain a little, I will not go back to it, because then I will just take the spirit out of my eyes (experience). The day closes with bathing.After spanking, the bed, I tell the anesthetic, I turn on the light (lightly lit) on the music toys for the baby, so that you can still smell. The emphasis here is on noticing fatigue in time, because it is a matter of course. She doesn't really like to sleep, she would rather watch her play all day. In spite of this, I lay down the two followers of the uprising, even if it does not show a lack of clarity. He may be a bit protesting, but he's gone to a quarter of a mile later.
Black Andrea GyenesYeah

Why not?

I was still excited, but I was very sympathetic to Tracy Hogg's Suttogue because I felt the things written down there were very close to my systematic, planning habits. I imagined that you would breast-feed when you were sleep-deprived, put down your daughter, turn on the music, and fall asleep. Then my baby was born and everything changed. My milk was hard to start and was not enough. Then our guardian and our pediatrician are on demand breastfeeding tanбcsolta. After all, I am very sorry for them. In fact, I also contacted a breastfeeding advisor With Eszter Diуszegi, who has provided me with advice to this day, encourages me when I give up. I read this column regularly on nlc, so I fully embraced the principle of caring that it represents. Sears doctor's night care book confirmed that i'm doing what i'm doing. Indeed, my baby imprint could not be put on the baby alone. In the first days, only a monster slept. Lovely slowly we realized that she had fallen asleep, even while sucking, rocking, and then put her in the baby. But often he was asleep in my hands. Now, eighteen months later, she always sleeps with me. She is breastfeeding, sometimes just in my head. No need to rock. It will soon be enough to get on the bed. I have such a great need for these encounters as my soul. I would hate for a teddy bear to give him the comfort he now has. My waist and my back are hardened. After all, my daughter has become 12 kilos from one moment to the other. I'm sorry that I didn't really provide you with any useful ideas, because I told you exactly the method you are currently averse to. All I want to say, though, is that I would not change the minutes when my soul falls asleep in me.

What do you think?

My baby is three months old - but first - he fell asleep by himself, did not have to be anesthetized. After she was born, I slept with her in her bedroom, but as I woke up to her every move, I moved back into my bedroom, and from then on, my baby woke up less and less. When he had slept through the night, he often fell asleep in the last meal of the evening. I feed him from a baby bottle, unfortunately, because a nutritional baby is almost from the beginning.It was rarely sick, but then it really had to be anesthetized. There is no proven method. There were when the ringatбs worked, was that йnekeltem and he fell asleep. There were times when the rocking didn't work and I almost cried because I had no idea what to do; then all I did was wrap her up in the apartment, put her in her baby cubicle, and miraculously, she fell asleep. I also feared that he would not be able to fall asleep by mere rocking, but my fear was unfounded. The last two months - now seven months - I never had to put my baby to sleep at night, he always falls asleep by himself. It doesn't matter because it's still light on its own, but it never sleeps, it sleeps itself. There is a game that is only in the baby's cube, which is used to play before falling asleep. I used to love Cumi before, but he didn't have to. Every kid is just "working", and you will experience what your baby plays. They also change over time, it will be easier when they get bigger, at least that's what I experienced.
Tami and her little girl, Zoй