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They found milk cream in a vegan ice cream

They found milk cream in a vegan ice cream

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Unlabeled milk white was detected in a vanilla labeled with a vegan label. May cause problems with milk allergies.

They found milk cream in a vegan ice creamA report by the National Food Chain Safety Authority (Nibih), the Spanish Food Safety Authority, has reported that milk has been detected under the label "vegan and vegetarian". From the Netherlands, the products were shipped to eight member states of the European Union, including Hungary. Consuming ice cream can cause a sensitive allergic reaction to milk.Product details:
  • Brand name: Bonvita, Bon Ice Dark, 100 g
  • Reference number: L8 / 78
  • Quality preservation time: 18.03.2020
  • RASFF Reference Number 2019.0201
Nebih informs the public that the product may trigger allergic reactions to a milk-sensitive consumer, and should not be consumed. The products may be re-marketed with the appropriate extension of the mark. Legislation in the European Union states that the ingredients most commonly causing allergies or intolerances, such as milk, must be mentioned on the label of foods.