GastronomyChildren bring home ideas

GastronomyChildren bring home ideas

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I can't believe my baby ate the ring! - one of the parents of the Ugrian-Great Anniversary Wheelwright disbelieved in Udmurt. Really!

How do I Become an Economist Translator Award Winning Gastro Blogger? And are you still an award-winning company? Because Tünde won the Goldenblog 2008 HVG Public Gazette for her blog with Нzbolygu, and in 2010 she was awarded the Magnovie of the Year Award by the Mother Company of the Year. All with two little kids!

fotу: Jaksa Tнmea, timeapictures.com

- I started to write and photograph Nzbolygu when my baby was a baby. I wanted my recipes to be practically collected. I've started blogging already, I have 800 recipes, I don't really cook the exact same thing twice - says Tünde, who, according to her, has always liked to eat and was interested in cooking. Of course, it would have been easy to have thoroughly removed, but he was trembling. And the secret is that he has been playing sports since he was a kid, and nowadays he is running, and his price is only healthy food made from high quality ingredients!
- My mom is of Italian origin, so the reason we had a meal was not what we found in the fridge. Then we grew up with our friends and went to the restaurant for a while, but I finally thought I'd rather cook. Dalma has become a real lucky guy by my side, and for a few years he has a sense of quality between the different olive oils.
- Your school is no ordinary business either! GastroVi program, is it a fire? Do you teach children how to cook? - It all started by looking for my daughter in kindergarten, but I couldn't find what I wanted. The municipal ovi, which operates with group numbers above thirty, has not even come to light, and from the private class I have found myself competing on who will bring the children to various outdoor programs. However, for the little ones, peace of mind, personal attention, and forgetting games are more important. For me, the small size and the personal relationship with the urn was important to me. Of course, I wasn't thrilled with the food that the kids were offered. That is why, three years ago, I bought a private school where I succeeded in realizing my ideas. We work with sixteen children and three employees, the nanny is mainly based on my recipes, and in the garden of the house, the children also take part in the care of the spices. We don't have extraordinary meals, like the sugary honey meals on this one, there are no meals cooked in oil. But we teach them what to do with leftover croissants, for example, we use only seasonal greens, and everyday ingredients like alternatives to bulgur, beans, and amaranth are commonplace. They don't get any store decorations, even though my liver cream is made locally and my birthday cake is my own. The steaks are never crushed, but scrambled with their own material or flakes. We often have cream soup with cheeseburger, mini-mushroom croutons, and crunchy buns. It is not possible to spit out my love of greenery! Kids love it especially our live colors, such as spinach or starch soup. Every week, I do a Kitchen Utensil when we make something simple and delicious.
I have been successful in getting the kids home with the ideas and enthusiastically recommending them at home.
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