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Pregnancy: if you have morning sickness

Pregnancy: if you have morning sickness

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You do not have to have your neck bath every morning if you are expecting a baby. Now we'll tell you what!

Pregnancy: if you have morning sickness

All your child-friendly friends are jealous that you slowly enter the second trimester, but you still don't know the smoothness of the hormone. Of course you are afraid of that, but that's why you motivate me to is it normal so is that all right inside the little one?

You are lucky if you do not feel pregnant

We can assure you that yes, you have no cause for concern. "30% of women generally do not experience morning sickness" - says Michele Hakakha, United States of America. "And those who belong to this circle can really feel lucky," he adds. So who are those who can call themselves such a list? Own property. "There are mothers who experience these unpleasant symptoms at the beginning of every pregnancy, but not at all, or only at one of their wombs," says another American mother-in-law, Marra Francis, co-founder of Mommy MD Guides Portal. "Not everyone is sick in the first few weeks, just as not everyone gets sick during longer autos." Your body may be stronger and less responsive to hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), estrogen and other hormones. They increase very rapidly during the first period - for example, hCG hormone levels double at the beginning of pregnancy, which, like a waveguide, can upset your stomach. However, as you reach the second trimester, although the levels of these hormones continue to increase, this is already in more tolerable levels. Genetics can also come to a halt. If your mom has not experienced epidermis at the beginning of her pregnancy (s), you may have inherited this great property from her. Tension, stress and fatigue can also increase the likelihood and intensity of developing malaise.

No morning sickness. Is there a greater chance of a miscarriage?

Although a little early in the morning, morning sickness may be due to a lower level of hormone levels and may be more prone to miscarriage, but fortunately this is very rare. If you haven't even sensed a single lightning rod, you don't have to worry about it, as long as you think everything is fine. "I had a maternal patient who was anxious because she was not at all sad and therefore afraid that she would lose her," says dr. Francis. "Even though you're not struggling with the typical morning sickness, you may not be having your hormones. Just your body is more tolerant the burden. "

You may be facing pregnancy sickness sooner

Don't put your bear skin forward! If you have left the first trimester behind and had no trace of a tremor, you may not have broken it. Although most women experience these often-unbearable symptoms between the ages of 6 and 14, it is important to know that every pregnancy is so you may have to cope with morning sickness soonerIn any case, if you have a great time, you know that you are very lucky and enjoy this (and most often) most enjoyable time for others!
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