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The French kid doesn't throw the food!

The French kid doesn't throw the food!

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It is not enough that French women do not live, but according to a new book, they also stand out from child-rearing. French kids are not shy, they eat a lot of greenery, and they eagerly enjoy the multitude of family lunches. What's their secret?

The French kid doesn't throw the food!

Millions of parents around the world complain that their children eat only one food, that they refuse to eat green fruit or that they do not taste certain foods. Although experts have said that this is only a temporary state and will outgrow it, if you see a good example, this advice will almost never reassure parents, especially if you think it is so nice. The question is, how do French parents do not only broccoli and broccoli, but also snails and oysters, the child eats naturally? According to the book, most families are spoiling it by starting to introduce solid foods with colorless, nasty delights that are almost exclusively sweet. Pears, apples, potatoes, rape - these are the first foods of Hungarian children, and to name a few, the latter two are green, and in fact they are quite edible.
The first food for French babies, however, is stewed, roasted green beans, donuts, rape, zucchini, or white onion - with garlic, butter, vinegar, mustard. Not sweet, but very distinctive tastes and gorgeous, rumbling colors that do not give birth to a baby's image that needs to be sweet and bland.
Of course, do not underestimate the power of personal exemplification: French adults eat a lot of greenery themselves, not because it is obligatory, useful and vitamin - but because it is delicious. Even though vegetation is only a decoration, the French are perfectly fine if an over-cooked vegetable comes to fruition, of course, with proper nourishment and meal. You know, the French love to eat, and they talk about greens in the marketplace or in society so much that when people hear this, the saliva almost sticks to their mouths, and this passion is quickly learned by the children.
Of course, no one seems to say that everything is easy to introduce, and the French children love and welcome everything equally. The difference is that the French parents do not give up, even if the child says no, and even if the refusal is repeatedly repeated.
French Kindergarten Books Advice: Ask to Grab, Smell, Lick, and if you still don't want it, just take it away. No scene, how delicious and how much you worked with it. Stay calm and neutral, but don't try anything else. To keep her from getting hungry, suckle her, or as the French advise, give her a little baby formula. And the next day is prbbld again, ъjra and sjra. On average, it takes dozens of times for a child to become accustomed to and accept a child. You should not give up because of two-three refusals.
Baby food makes sense just under one year of age, so long as your child can't properly talk. Afterwards, he eats the same as the others, and on the same spread table. It is also useful for children because they feel great about it, and the benefit of grown-ups is that a child accustomed to it learns the rules of the table to go to the gym.
  • Baby Feedback: The rules are simple, the kids are different
  • No need to force!
  • Baby's Attitude: Peace, Attention, Confidence
  • Addition: What should we not do?

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