Child Abuse: The first prevention storybook published

Child Abuse: The first prevention storybook published

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Have you ever remembered that you should talk more seriously about your sexual abortion with your child? Or did you know enough to take care of the sugar beet? A storybook has been published that can help.


"Lili is an ordinary little girl who lives in an unusual place: the circus. She has many friends from bohoo to the animal scene, but she loves Bashvili out of the company. But it doesn't take much practice, you also need the wisdom you expect from the Beast, but instead of the magical magic, you get a hard secret that you would most like to flee from the Circus. Fighting alone, or will you be asking for help? " This is the suggestion we will meet at Lili and the doctor cнmы book homepage. This story book is written by a sociologist, Zsuzsi Vincze and Paul Munnik It is important for parents and children to talk about something that is (unfortunately) increasingly present in our daily lives: sexual return. is the first preventive storybook published in Hungarianthat kids hear about things like, for example rules for their intimate body parts, or having authority over their bodies, and being able to say no to the adults, but also helping to make a difference between good and bad secrets.Today, almost every fifth child undergoes some form of harassment, and the perpetrators are stunned by 90 percent of the people known to the child (family member, neighbor, family friend, etc.). And even before we think that Lili and Warbler are just for kids: One third of casualties fiъso they are also affected by this topic.And why is it important for us to initiate this currency discourse? Because the vast majority of children do not dare ask for help, because they feel sorry for themselves, because of the reaction of the environment that they do not believe they will be blamed for themselves. " adults are frightened of this and prefer to listen. So the kids are left alone with their questions and unprocessed. over the age, Lili and the Womenswear Book can be ordered by clicking here.
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