The tick season has begun

The tick season has begun

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Not only is it kept out of the woods by ticks, it is increasingly common in city greenhouses to meet with bloodlines that are spreading more dangerous diseases. Earlier this season, due to the weather, the season started.

The tiny parasites can be the cause of serious illnesses - we drew attention to the current M1 channel on Sunday evening in Hrad. Additions: Ticks have appeared not only in forests, but also in urban green areas. And if you find a tick within yourself, pick it up with a ticked cannula, do not destroy the blood so that you can find out how sick it was.Here is the tick seasonNote: It is advisable to start the vaccination series in the fall in order to have a spring defense. Full protection requires one to three vaccinations every month and must be repeated one year later. Earlier the danger was reported by Győrgy Pуta. The president of the Home Pediatricians Association considers it important to use the vaccine, which, while not protecting against the sting, but against the viral meningitis transmitted by ticks. There is no vaccine against another spread disease, Lyme disease, for the time being.