13 things to do during the winter break

13 things to do during the winter break

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Not only your child, but you also have a Christmas holiday. There are things you can plan ahead for a more meaningful and fun family break. Here are a few tips.

13 things to do during the winter break

1. Dealer

No one can make festive decorations as enthusiastically as children. They use the energy of the merchant to make themselves entertained with great energy. The bigger the kid, the more serious tasks you can entrust.

2. Organize a talent researcher

It has a lot of potential and it can be very entertaining. For all ages, it's good work: as long as you work, they can figure out what kind of show they will show you when you start. But there is also a family program: you can play music, sing along with other family members. The limit is starry: you can put on costumes, perform live with live music. The kids can do all the tasks: they can make costumes, organize lectures and figure out everything.

3. Get together

There is also time for this: the child can turn on the firing age. If it is bigger, you can measure the quantities already, if it is smaller, you can make the dough and break up the eggs. Great family program.

4. Make some gifts

There is no need for Mother's Day to be limited to making gifts. Kids love to make a surprise gift for you or another family member who is close to you. Do it together, surprise someone with a mutual offer.

5. Go to your local Christmas market

Don't miss the local Christmas market near you! It's only once, so just go and enjoy.

6. Buy together

No need to rush, there are times to buy, and in addition, there are big write-offs. You don't have to go without the kid, but with him.

7. Watch a family movie

If your kid is a big cat, be sure to watch a family movie. There's nothing better than watching a really nice movie under the warm blanket.

8. Move in and out together

Believe in winter sports: go ice skating, sunbathing if you are huh, practicing hummy, if you are skating nearby. In addition to the outdoor activities, you can also go indoors: wall climbing, bowling, swimming.

9. Arrange the nursery

Not only can it be helpful, but it can also encourage your child to take responsibility: toys he or she no longer uses can be passed on to his or her loved ones on Christmas Eve.

10. Go to the exhibit

Many museums and exhibitors think specifically about children during the Christmas holidays and organize thematic exhibitions that attract the family. Of course, permanent exhibitions can also be interesting, and now is the time to go to the museum.

11. Read on

Reading is a part of everyday life, especially if you have a child, but when you have a break, reading is not limited to reading, but you can read at any time of the day. In fact, you can write your own story, illustrate your story, and illustrate your family story book by March.

12. Collaborate

You can play some simple board games with just the little ones, especially the bigger ones. If you're lucky, Jesus also surprised you with the New Comrade.

13. Make it your home

There are schools that do not give a direct break to the break, but there are some that do: do the tasks together, read the posted reading first (This article is based on that.)Related articles from this month break:
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