Stomach during pregnancy

Stomach during pregnancy

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Although not a disease, the acidic stomach contents that flow back from the stomach into the esophagus cause much discomfort to the baby.


Although it is a form of stomach ailment, it is a reflux disease, but in the case of small mothers, most cases are caused only by mole discomfort. This is the most common complaint in the last third of the year.At that time the stomach also occupies a significant place, leaving little room for the stomach. If you eat too many foods at the same time, you may be able to get back into the esophagus. If you have this problem in the first few months, this is due to the fact that hormones that are produced during pregnancy have a tendency to close the stomach and the sphincter between the pharynx and allow it to flow back.The phenomenon is probably known to everyone who has ever been expecting a baby, but there are big differences in how serious the complaints are. Some people are disturbed by sleep and rest - in this case, it is worth sleeping with a slightly raised upper body. There are people who just need to bend down or make a sudden movement, but it may also take some time for the person to lose the passage.There are some exhausted home remedies for stomach ache, for example, many are helped by truffled almonds and cashew milk or milk. You can improve the situation by trying to eat regularly and eating only a little at a time. It does not hurt to avoid heavily spicy, junk foods, coffees and black tea, as they can increase the inconvenience. In stubborn cases, it is worth trying the "dog bite filter" method: this can reduce the stomach acid production by consuming acidic chewing foods (lemonade, mustard, orange, tomato). that we are facing some kind of reflux disease. Acidic medicines can help, but it is only worth giving in to serious treatment after birth if the symptoms do not disappear by themselves.Hint: Ingeborg Stadelmann, author of The Responding to Baba Answer, recommends grated raw potato squeezed juice as the most potent cure for stomachs, though admitting that his patients don't know why they don't drink it.Related articles on gastric issues: