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I thought I was going to give birth! It succeeded in two cups

I thought I was going to give birth! It succeeded in two cups

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The question is not whether you can have a natural birth after cesarean section, but rather whether you can find a doctor who will help you. Adri succeeded even with two cups!

Adrina had a number of hormonal problems that she knew she wouldn't have, or just would have a very difficult time with. There was also a time when ovariectomy was a possibility. In addition to pituitary cancer, PCO syndrome has also complicated the situation. His firstborn son, Matt, was in the middle of a hormonal treatment cycle - for everyone unexpectedly. She was already eight weeks pregnant when she was given an ultrasound scan by her doctor before being given another dose of hormone, so it turned out her baby was there! The crib has been mentioned in half the time, even though, except for the infertility treatment, no reason has appeared on the border. That being the case, the suggestion was successful: after NST results, parental induction and fracture followed, and then Meath's head did not fit, and after a long period of fatigue, he became fat. Well, the second baby boy is just a beast born of history. "What if the child inserts into the abdominal wall? This scar will not cause moles, will dissolve," the doctor said, and still did not allow spontaneous birth. Adrienne remembers the programmer today:
- It was horrible. They pushed me into the operating room and then pushed the kid out. I was so depressed that I needed the help of a psychologist. I didn't imagine the parent like this, I wasn't prepared for that. Of course, before the planned conception of a new baby, I switched to a doctor, and one of my mothers-in-law, dr. I chose Judith Boros - says Adrienne. - He began with a thorough examination, which showed a 4.5-fold higher level of male hormone than normal, with extremely high levels of prolactin. We thought it would be difficult to get pregnant, even though she was successful. Hormone levels were okay throughout the pregnancy, which calmed me down, as there was no miscarriage between Mark and Mark.

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- My first question to the doctorate, of course, was whether I could give birth on a natural ridge after two. He chose not to be blocked if certain conditions were met. At first it was intended that the birth should start on its own, by the day of birth. The other is that all my results are okay. As these have not been fulfilled in any of my pregnancies so far, it seemed to me to be impossible to complete my plan. However, based on the ultrasound results and the irregularity and length of my cycles, the Doctor of Wine made the birth date slightly shorter.
- The birth really started on that day. Did everything work out the way you wanted it to?
- I tried to do everything. I went to my mother's abdomen, so I think it was useful because the baby's head was well fitted by the time it was born. But the day of the day was about to come, and nothing happened. In my regret that I cannot give birth to these, we arranged a bacon, I ate, I drank properly, and some wine and polish. And after that night the cobblestones started to go !!! I was afraid it could stop at any time, as with my previous parents, so I didn't even want to sleep. We finally entered dawn at St Stephen's Church at dawn. The first babysitter who received was not overly positive about the thing, "I don't like having two cups after childbirth," he said, adding that my face was not going to be born. By 11, the cubs had really stopped, and I called the doctor in desperation because they had moved me from the room to the ward, and I just wanted to end it. The doctor, however, reassured me that the gnomes will return, believe me, we will give birth. And indeed, by the time I swallowed the last bites of my lunch, regular wheezing started again. Once again, I went to the beautiful, cozy, bathtub, alternative living room. Deelut has been foolish, as before: I felt as if some untimely force was straining my pelvic bones. By then, the cubs had stopped again. Then, at the doctor's overwhelming, strong suggestion, I entered the room where they were reinforced and the shell cracked. She was reassured that the amniotic fluid was clear and the voices were good. The process has now accelerated. After a quarter of an hour of pause, a new sensation followed: as if something were trying to break my tail bone. The doctor told me not to worry about the headaches, which is common after prior cesarean section.
- By then, birth couldn't be too far away…
- Balzs was with me all day, but then he went out to breathe a little. Even with her cellphone, she had to be sent back to clean the baby for the baby to come! Last night at midnight, Dwvidka was born. I had to come out of the code because after a previous cup I could only give birth on a field. It was off-putting and I always felt like no, it wasn't going to work for me, in fact, after a while I was so frightened of the baby that I said I'd rather have a cup, but it wasn't back. After all, more than an hour has passed since the disappearance of the ovum and by the time of our baby's birth, our baby boy was born! Then, in a matter of moments, it turned out that, in my own way, the very short cord also explained the faded outburst.
- I suppose he was terribly, and very relieved!
- I was surprised myself, but not at all. When I put David on my stomach, my first thought was, "Oh my God, just not to be pregnant again!" The Doctor of Wine just congratulated: "Born, Adrienn! The next one could come! It was a beautiful birth!" I just kept hurting myself because I was yelling loud at the end. And again, I was praised… I was so deprived of the euphoria, but even my little joy, I was so much under the influence of pain, horror of horror and stress. But tomorrow morning !!! I think after a night of awakening I could be like being under the influence of some drug because I was flying an inch above the ground and just laughing and laughing! I have nothing to change my birthing experience, and I am very happy to have experienced it, and along with Dwidva, we have finished the journey.