Another taboo to be defeated at this year's Terzanyu appeal

Another taboo to be defeated at this year's Terzanyu appeal

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This is the fourth time the Terzanyu petition has been announced, which has grown over the years as the appeal of women's taboos. This time, mother-baby relationships are the topic.

Faces of the competition: Kati Lazzer Kossuth Prize winner and girl, Adél Jordan. Women are expected to make genuine inquiries about their relationship with their mothers and souls and about how much their lives are determined by the pattern given by their mothers. The applications worked until 1 can be submitted, winning submissions will receive valuable author prizes and publishing opportunities.
Launched in 2010 Terézanyu application it is aimed at increasing women's social appreciation and appreciation. The Initiative Chatroom is one each year tabutйma , encouraging participants to write honestly and without hesitation about their experiences and feelings - also supporting the discussion of the discussion on the topic.
Rsuz Zsuzsa нrу according to them, they really go into real wasp brushes, mother-lбnya Theme: "The pattern we receive from our mother determines our whole life, but our relationship with our child in particular. It is worthwhile to be clear about what the bouquet you receive is like, but not good for us. mother-to-girl relationship often full of tensions He drives. "
Last year, nearly 400 people received a Terzanyu petition from all corners of the country. Beke Zsuzsa, Richter's communications manager, this number is a good illustration of why there is a need for initiative. "Today's women have to live up to unrealistic expectations, and in recent years we have seen that they still have a great deal of remorse that they cannot meet. They also appreciate essential partto be honest about the issues that concern them, and to experience that they are not alone and that they are not left alone with their problems. " Kati Lazar, Kossuth Award-winning snooze and level sire girl, Adél Jordan - to discourage women from telling their own stories.
"We have a very strong connection, and there are so many opposites. Just as the beetle shakes its load, so do I, if I don't succeed, I should be as good that okay instead of me too. God forbid that this would be the end of Adeline, "Kati Labar Lazar said of her sentiments.
Zsuzsa Szvetelszky Communication research on the maternal pattern has explained that today there is much more to individual life with no single pattern than before. One of the differences in Iran is that many women today have first-born children after conscious conscience, and consciously try to represent a different role than they bring home from home. This inevitably leads to both internal and external conflicts, which are important to talk about.
Submissions will be judged by the jury, which will be hosted by a number of "girly mothers" who are well aware of the taboos and dilemmas inherent in the subject. The jury members are:
- ovva Akovacs editor-in-chief, Nkk's page Psyche
- Bart's Enik нrу
- Zsuzsa Beke Communication Manager, Gedeon Richter Plc.
- Kata Dobу is born
- Adél Jordban's birthday
- Kati Lazzer's Kossuth-prize giving birth
- Rsucz Zsuzsa нrу

Applications can be up to 5,000 characters (including narrow ones), and each number must be first-person. Applications may be submitted in word format on until 1 May. We are also looking for "hands-on" in which mother and her daughter write their stories together. More information and nominees: