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Vegetarian Festival - A life-changing not only for vegetarians2011. Aug. 27-28.

Vegetarian Festival - A life-changing not only for vegetarians2011. Aug. 27-28.

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Do not drop the chicken leg immediately! Not obligatory to be a vegetarian! But at the very least, try out some great dishes made from exotic spices without the flesh, exciting ingredients.

In the XV. Vegetarian Festival begins on August 27 at 10 a.m. with meditative, healing meditation: Bea Tuboly Tibetan soundtrack brings magical music to life and inspires sound with inspiring thoughts that reinforce ourselves. Listen to numerous professional lectures below. The highlight of this year is the balanced vegetarian diet, as it repeatedly defends vegetarian diets to cause incomplete, long-term deficits in the human body. The purpose of the event is to dispel these misconceptions and to shed light on how many diseases can be prevented by consuming many greens and fruits. Szilvia Sebestyén Macrobiotic Lifestyle Advice, for example, will talk about options for treating cancer with a macrobiotic diet, Reisinger Orsolya discussing the preventive effects of vegetarian eating, Black Bokor Katalin a natural healer, and a phytotherapist will discuss methods for treating musculoskeletal disorders with a vegetarian diet. You will also benefit from the fun effects of fruits and vegetables, the raw vegetarian lifestyle, and the ill effects of poorly-labeled foods.

Have a good time!

In addition to the professional programs, the Festival also offers a number of recreational opportunities. In the ballet room, in the clubroom and in the creative room, yoga, relaxation, Aviva-gymnastics, gymnastics, mandala painting and triumph are all you can do in your everyday life. segнtenek. Konzultбlhatsz termйszetgyуgyбszokkal, йs principles of hagyomбnyos kнnai orvoslбs бllnak the vendйgek rendelkezйsйre kцvetх Juglandis Egйszsйgkцzpont munkatбrsai also a quick eye, tongue and pulse diagnosis fьl- йs get alapjбn бtfogу kйpet egйszsйgi бllapotodrуl йs tanбcsokat egйszsйged megхrzйsйhez. Head of the Juglandis Health Center, Hartmann Ferenc he also lectures on the subject of natural healing, the state of the art, the candidate and antioxidant concerns, and according to the Chinese philosophy of health. Saturday day Szabolcs Kцvi concludes with a flute concert featuring recent albums from The Holiday and the Himalayan Meditation. Vasбrnap Tъri Virбg Rick (Parvati) His classics and classics will include a classical Indian dance show and the second day of the festival will be decided by the vegetarian cooking competition that started in June. Programs for organic and organic products, free food, "How do you prepare?" at the booth the presentation of natural and conscious consumer habits and Reiki room is complete, and the family with smaller and older children is provided with breastfeeding, nappies, children's playgrounds and music. -vrr Foundation is organized by the Kőrös Csoma Sándor Kőbánya Cultural Center (X. District, St. Louis St. 7-14.).
A little green Parvati and his teachings from Indian dance: