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Answers to kindergarten

Answers to kindergarten

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Answers to kindergarten

Where's the baby coming out?The babies have a hole between their buttocks and their pussy. This is just because the baby can get on it.How did the baby become?Two small seeds met. One father is advanced in body, the other in me. When they met, they became a seed. This seed began to grow and became a baby.How did it get into your stomach?Dad really love each other. Sometimes, let's face it, and it'll come out of the pee and get to the seed through the hole the baby will come out of. Are you going to die?Yes, I will die once too. But that will be a lot. If you die where will you be?I won't be anywhere and I'll be there everywhere. Nobody knows this, and people think and think about it.If I grow up, won't we live together anymore?When we grow up, we move out of our parents and start a new family or live alone. But you can come home to us anytime.
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