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Certain medicinal products, conceived diseases

Certain medicinal products, conceived diseases

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Today's modern diseases and what's in the background: Are we taking drugs for a good reason or is it just marketing the drugstore?

To understand how to create a market for a prescription drug, Edward Bernays 1928 Propaganda Book of Cinema. Bernays was looking for classic piano and no branding in the news - this would be a far-fetched and easily recognizable solution. He persuaded more reporters to let them know about the new trend: sophisticated people maintain a special music room in their homes. Then readers, as if the idea had been conceived only in their own heads, were expecting a piano - in the music room. If you have succeeded in instilling a thought in the public mind, it will arouse the interest of potential patients. Cancer, reflux disease, erectile dysfunction, bipolar disorder, hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, premenstrual mood, clinical depression, all rare diseases. The "brand" ailment that is in the public consciousness does not need further legitimacy, and therefore no one who takes the medicine for the ailment is killed. Patients, on the other hand, kill the drug-maker in their own way. In two cases, it may work well if the disease spreads to the general public. On the one hand, your condition, which can exert a sense of humor in the subject, may be rid of the stigma of social miscarriage. An example is an agent for the treatment of urgent urinary incontinence. Drug developer Pharmacia invented the term "hyperactive bladder" for the problem. While the concept of incontinence is usually associated with the image of frail, elderly women, the "hyperactive bladder" tends to radiate the image of a swollen body. That's what the 2002 Vice President of the company gave, "Positioning the Product: Let's Create a Patient!" presentation of the team. With the help of strategy, only 21 million new patients could be opened up in the United States alone.

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Man Allergy?

Other convenient options are diseases that are often underdiagnosed and not recognized. An example of this is one of the antidepressants introduced in the United States in 1999 and used to treat "anxiety disorder in the community" - a condition formerly referred to simply as abstinence. To persuade potential patients, the drug developer, Cohn and Wolfe PR cйget. Then, Cohn and Wolfe, "Imagine how allergic people can be!" was running an awareness campaign sponsored by the "Union for anxiety disorders". In addition, the developer has won celebrities like American footballer Ricky Williams to talk about his own public anxiety disorder. Lastly, famous psychiatrists were criticized for lecturing at the biggest revenue centers about anxiety in the community. The result was staggering: two years before the drug was authorized, only 50 print media mentioned the public anxiety disorder, by 1999, the campaign had more than a million references. Nowadays community anxiety disorder is the third most common mental disorder in America. Of course, it is difficult to put a patient into the public eye without the help of doctors. Drugstores recruit recognized experts to write more and talk about the status to be introduced. Also, doctors are helping to turn this condition into a "dangerous" indicator. When a new medicine was released for stomach, the condition was renamed gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. In parallel, we have reassured the experts to prove the serious consequences of failing to persuade the state.

There is no effect without side effects

We know that all drugs have a deleterious effect, and that is why the overpowering of diseases is equally harmful. In any case, it just doesn't look good. For example, a hyperactive bladder may have a deleterious side effect of causing excitement in older people or leading to memory problems. Antidepressant causes sexual dysfunction and addiction. In addition, it hides the signs of suicide in children and adolescents. Side effects are always part of the drug. However, the "brand" never mentions them.

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After reading this article, you may have also remembered that the downsides that have been treated for centuries have been nothing but a nuisance, since the appearance of antireflux formulas, and what is the risk of vitamin K in Hungarian babies. Do you know any other similarities?