3 New to dry your baby's skin

3 New to dry your baby's skin

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Is your skin very dry? Could eczema still be possible? Try these new things!

Emolium bath emulsion

Emolium Bath Emulsion is the first formulation to create an active protective layer on the skin. The pediatricians йs the bхrgyуgyбszok ajбnljбk the tъlzottan szбraz, йrdes, cracked йs irritбlt bхr everyday бpolбsбra as tisztнtja the bхrt, eltбvolнtja the felьletйrхl the izzadtsбgot, dead hбmsejteket the irritбlу materials puhнt йs lehetхvй makes fьrdйs utбn bхrtбplбlу used kйszнtmйnyek felszнvуdбsбt the deeper layers. The corn oil triglycerides (2%) contained in the formulation inhibit itching. The skin will be less prone to inflammatory reactions and irritation.

Bioderma ABC Derm Ato

Easy, delicate wash for the little ones. Parabйnmentes, hipoallergйn mosakodу krйm csecsemхk йs toddlers rйszйre sъlyos bхrszбrazsбg esetйn.Az ABC Derm Ato + mosakodуkrйm speciбlis formulбjбnak kialakнtбsa by ABC Derm bхrgyуgyбszati ​​biztonsбgi ajбnlбs tцrtйnt its йrdekйben that csecsemхket йs small children to be treated as if hatйkonyan sъlyos bхrszбrazsбg nбluk occurs. Soap-free formula, with mild cleansing and degreasing active ingredients, relieves dryness and itching.

Decubal Basic Color - the versatile

Decubal Base Cream, with its highly purified, natural lanolin content, helps to replenish dry, deficient lipids from secreted skin. It can also be used for daily body care for dry, very dry, atopic, psoriatic skin, nourishing nipples and preventing diarrhea.


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