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A home for everyone! Disabled children in Fuchsia

A home for everyone! Disabled children in Fuchsia

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Many children with disabilities and persistently ill children who are raised in an institution will never experience how family-friendly it is to grow up in a real home.

The Winning Foundation Home for Everyone! , a self-initiated project that launched in November 2014, has shown that children with disabilities are disadvantaged in relation to their healthy counterparts even when it comes to child protection. Due to the special features of large-scale placement, you will not receive a decent crowd that is more age-appropriate and allows for personal development.
The disadvantages and hardships that disability has to deal with are exacerbated in the first place. Hospitalized harm from institutional care deprives them of the ability to become autonomous in adulthood. On the one hand, the legislative community does not encourage this path, and continues to provide disability-friendly children with special care and exclusion from other social groups. (The 2014 amendment to the Child Protection Act progressively redirects child protection services to community services and exposes children under the age of 3 to the middle-aged under 12 years). In some cases, it allows them to continue to grow up in large institutional environments.)
The professional community, whether it is child protection or social welfare, does not have the support and experience to effectively integrate disabled children into the community. The kцzцssйgben and elvйtve talбlhatуak you are befogadу organizations (kцzoktatбs intйzmйnyei, egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatуk йs szociбlis alapszolgбltatуk), which szolgбltatбsaikkal tehermentesнteni йs tбmogatni tudjбk the csalбdokat, whether or szу nevelхszьlхi vйrszerinti csalбdokrуl who take care fogyatйkos gyermekrхl.
Home for everyone! project is designed to illustrate this complex problem and offer a range of model interventions at every level with its comprehensive service packages.
The Alapнtvбny picked up in Budapest in connection tцbb, fogyatйkos child is йs vidйken nevelх (vйrszerinti, цrцkbefogadу йs nevelхszьlхi) csalбddal and nevelхszьlхi hбlуzattal, akiktхl the egybehangzу visszajelzйst gave to the children csalбdban tartбsбhoz large segнtsйg would be a legal, informбciуs йs pszicholуgiai tanбcsadбst also service package included. Currently, this program package and related training are being developed and planned, which we hope will be launched in the fall of 2015 by the parents and educators (educators). There are training and training that will strengthen your family and increase your load-bearing capacity.
In this way, families need a great deal of support to create the right supportive environment. This Kйzenfogva Alapнtvбny of you have already meglйvх, йs been successfully mыkцdх tбrsadalmi йrzйkenyнtх programs (Osztбlyfхnцki уra program - Pedagуgusok felkйszнtйse the йrtelmi sйrьlt people tбrsadalmi integrбciуjбt elхsegнtх osztбlyfхnцki уrбk vezetйsйre which rйsze the sajбt йlmйnyen alapulу йrintett йrzйkenyнtх trйning fogyatйkossбgban experience szakйrtхk vezetйsйvel; "Accept Accept, Accept! "- Sensitive Program for Young People ( can contribute to the program in related settlements.
It is a serious problem that the recognition of parenting work in Hungary today is low, though in many cases it is the educated parent who cares for the long-term, like the children with disabilities, who also have great care. In order to increase the recognition of educators, the Foundation, together with the Department, has established a Educational Award, which will be awarded in 2016.
Home for everyone! project In the autumn of 2016, it is hoped that the program elements developed in it will continue to function sustainably after the project has been completed, thus initiating a positive process for disabled children and their families.


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