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What do you get for Christmas? (1-3 yrs)

What do you get for Christmas? (1-3 yrs)

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Very exciting age range, everything comes first, but he really wants everything. Х, alone. Let's help you succeed.

Leggy scribble

I recently read in the baby room that every child has a garffitis, the job of the parentsto guide you to the right course. Blunt tip, easy-to-wash set of felt pens (including those from kids) very good solution means the development of the little art. The thick felt-tip pen is easy to grip, and many colors will surely bring the kid to life. Whatever your security, stay close to it when you use it. Sхt! Draw as well. If you can only draw a ladybug, do it. You will love it!


It was a startling discovery I did it recently when I watched the Babab - first year movie again (never before). Probably the most popular game in the world after the magic cube is the jumping rubber puck (giraffe, bobsleigh, ass). The movie shows up in Japan and Mongolia, and we're also in the garage, though we haven't used it in years. The children imбdjбkbecause you can really ride, jump, and don't fall off easily. Parents love it because the baby doesn't get as far with it in a moment as with a small motor, and it is very fun.

Scroll, laugh!

Every child (and parent) loves books that hold secrets, not only to read, nibble, but it can also be played him. Such is the series of Jъlia Donaldson. The mornings in the morning she can't find her socks. You can flip through the small windows together and help him find it, don't just hang out and be so sad. In another book, the macker is writing a letter, and the monkey is mingling with his mother. All pages have surprises. Search together!