3 + 1 family programs for the weekend

3 + 1 family programs for the weekend

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Have a really good time for this weekend, let's take advantage! We offer three exciting programs for the whole family.

Carpet carpeting in Zebedee

September 28th and 30th will be the Zebegian Folk Festival, just like last year, in parallel with the 5th Zebegian Folk Festival. Spending the perfect September family holiday doesn't have to do much more than visit Zebedee. You can get to the site of the Dragonfishing Festival by taking the Dragonbike ride - either by car or on foot. The megйrkezve helyszнnre egyedьlбllу panorбmбval sajбtнthatjuk the papнrsбrkбny-kйszнtйs йs -rцptetйs praktikбit useful, regardless of age, gender valу nйlkьl, and if this megvolnбnk, prуbбlhatjuk the sбrkбnyainkat йs szaktudбsunkat newly acquired ьgyessйgi vetйlkedхkцn the hбtunk mцgцtt real szakйrtхk segнtsйgйvel.

Kanga is a family day in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

The Kanga Association awaits all-day fun programs for families with small children and anyone looking for parenting fun. There will be a Saluki Berry Concert, a vintage children's concert and a ballroom, wine tasting, you can make your own car (forgetting fun for dads and kids), there will be yoga shows and lots of fun!
Belйpхjegy: 1000 Ft, free for children
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MUS-E - a creative artistic profession

The MUS-E (Musique-Europe) pilot program was launched in 1993 under the auspices of the renowned violinist and humanist thinker Yehudi Menuhin under the auspices of the European Union. The essence of the arts-education program is that children, through the arts, receive impulses that make them receptive to and interpret the externalities of the outside world. Official artists participating in the program are represented in a variety of art disciplines - music, dance and theater, and craftsmanship. Leaders at MUS-E workshops meet these artistic disciplines in a creative way related to music. Children of school age can participate in the program with their parents.
Age range: 7-12 yrs
Directed by: Palace of Arts
September 29, 2012 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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Christening day at the MOM Cultural Center

On Sunday there will be a Judit Halszsz concert, drama games, dance performances at the MOM Cultural Center. It's worth a visit, all day fun for the whole family!
The event is free, you can click the full program!