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Don't do this if you want to live long

Don't do this if you want to live long

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Those who regularly consume these drinks are more likely to die prematurely.

Don't Do This If You Want To Live A Lot Of Time The WHO Cancer Institute warns that statistically there is a greater chance of premature death of those who regularly consume diet drinks - see page 24. Those who consumed 2 glasses (250 ml) or more per day were 17% more likely to die early - including other health risks - according to a survey by the International Agency for Research on Cancer over 16 years 450 thousand subjects. According to the research, it is not only sugar-free diets that are harmful, as the consumption of sugar-free beverages has also proved to be harmful. Sweeteners were more common among consumers who started with sweetener. circulatory disorders, because of their preference for sugary drinks, the indents were more likely to cause it digestive system diseases. But in general, the consumption of alcoholic beverages increases the likelihood of developing Parkinson's disease, but this particular study has not found any correlation with cancer and Alzheimer's disease. However, it should be noted that are not reported as a source of consumption and early death, it is possible that a specific family or ingredient was responsible for the death. However, Dr. Mathilde Touvier, a researcher at the French Health Research Center, said she was in favor of research: he called for the health authorities of the world to take action against the consumption of water. There have been many other studies in the past that are not necessarily fortunate enough: in a study of 100,000 adults in France, cancer and sugary yoghurt have been found to be consuming statistics. In fact, based on the survey a 100ml sugar drink a day can increase your risk of cancer by 18%. If we don't want to be thirsty or crabby, researchers all agree that plain water is the best thing to drink.Related links: