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A big portrayal of an early-born dead man in 2010 hit him. She gave me her mother's request to say goodbye to her, and as the baby's two hours passed, she gradually recovered! We looked at what the kangaroo method can provide.

Happily for life

Early miracle baby was born in August 2010. The then-two-month-old Jamie, who was acutely ill, co-starred with his mother on the Austrian TVI show. On that particular day in March, after twenty minutes of unsuccessful delivery, Jamie was born dead at week 27, twin. His mother then asked for it, pulled it out of the sheet, and embraced it two times across the city to say goodbye to him.
- It was the most horrible sensation I've ever experienced. I hugged myself, gave birth to her name, stroked her, told her about her twin brother, Emily, and then drank a few drops of mother's milk and touched my mouth with my finger. He had an indelible sensation as he began to moan for a long time, swallowed the droplets of milk, then turned his head to the left and opened his eyes. She took my son's finger! Kate Ogg recalls. "Fortunately, I have a very strong and clever wife who has done the best she could. If it hadn't happened, Jamie probably wouldn't have survived today, says his father, David Ogg.

A miracle happened?

At first, of course, everyone thinks this can only be something to lose. So shortly after the horror hit me, I was awakened Nils Bergman Professor a kengurumуdszer one of the internationally renowned professionals to tell us their views on the histories. Can this really happen, or is it an unforgettable, inexplicable miracle?
- According to my research, the separation of the mother from the mother (specialization: separation) is a life-threatening condition for almost all newborn mammals, and she has a very strong response to the nerve of the planet: The premature baby is only for this response, that is ledermedйsthey are still able to remain in this state even after birth ... with dangerously low oxygen levels, even if they are still undergoing stress before they are born. Our regeneration technique can bring about some improvement, but the kangaroo method is able to provide or, if necessary, restore all the essential biological conditions that are needed to overcome.
The key is a bхrkontaktus, which stimulates sensory nerve fibers located beneath the skin, sends the message that the brain is processing, saying that you are "safe." This removes the freezing condition and restores normal control. This baby may not have been able to see her mother tear. Perhaps that was why his planetary response was so strong because he just let him go back to his mother! Maybe he was so adaptable that he survived a thousand! The World Health Organization (WHO) calls and recommends the application of direct skin contact between the newborn and the mother as a kangaroo method. In this special case, the mother was the cusp of the baby's birth.
All babies should have skin contact with their mother from the moment they are born, and no baby should be separated from their mother (or father!). Even with the arrival of a premature baby, this would be even more important - explained professor practicing in Cape Town. If you are interested in kangarooing, visit Nils Bergman's website.

The opinion of the Hungarian expert

Dr. Little Eleonou ъjszьlцttgyуgyбsz, Péterfy Sбndor Street Kuhrhбz: It is understood that the mother and the newborn have a detrimental, life-threatening effect in the animal world. Of course, even when you look at a newborn, you are aware of the harmful effects of choice, but fortunately this is not a life-threatening issue.
In this case, this premature infant may have been adversely affected before or during birth: for example, . Perhaps he did not show life significance when he was born, that is, he did not list it. It is almost certain that some very weak heartbeat may have been present when she was given to the mother. And since then the number is in an ideal, five most stimulating environment, it has started, and I think it has improved its lymphatics and its circulation.
Luckily you gave your sweetheart and skin contact had such a fun effect on your life.
Unfortunately, I can't tell you that the kangaroo method is used regularly in Peterhof. Not least because many of the premature babies don't have their moms permanently here, and we usually enroll in the class for those who can breastfeed, because there are far fewer mothers than there are premature babies.
In many cases, moms only visit during the most diverse time of day. If your mother wants it, you can hug her naked during the visit even when you can't expect to breastfeed, even if she's only 1,200 grams and 28-30 weeks old, or she's still not eating. Even if the premature baby receives oxygen, it is not a hindrance. Then this will be the first attempt at breastfeeding. And, of course, when you are ready to breastfeed, you can keep your baby happy after breastfeeding.


Originally, poverty gave birth to New Year's Eve in Colombia Bogotбbanto start kangarooing. There was not enough incubator for the placement of premature infants, so they were kept in skin contact with the mother's chest, and this method was also recommended for the postpartum retirement. Experience and countless clinical trials have since unequivocally confirmed that there is no need for a solution, but something that significantly increases the premature babies you miss your chances And health, promotes conception and breastfeeding. Much more powerful than so many items of technology.
From here you can download the WHO English Guide to Building a Kangaroo.
The mother's body is really wonderful and works better than a state-of-the-art incubator. Man is a social girl, and this is manifested in the very first moments of life. When the skin of a mother and baby is folded, several miracles occur at the same time:
  • Mother's lust, heartbeat, stimulates the baby's similar life-style.
  • The mother's body acts as a temperature regulator, heating it slightly until it reaches the right temperature. If a feverish baby is lying on the mother, the cool effect is effective. However, overheating is not possible as the system's tuning is perfect! The latest Swedish article in the subject was published in the prestigious Lancet. This shows that 90% of premature babies after normal body contact are normal thermometers, whereas in the incubator group this ratio is only 60%.
  • The mother contacts the infant with harmless bacterial fluoride and receives the substances via the mother's milk.
  • Stroking, back massaging, touching are stimulating, stimulating the baby's lifestyles, sensation.
  • Co-movement with the mother (when the baby is wrapped in the mother's chest) stimulates the balance and movement of the body. This effect is even more important for premature babies, as they would have been rocking the womb for months!
  • Going to hospital care helps with long periods of isolation, develops a sense of belonging, and mother and child learn one language. The parent does not live helplessly but is the most important person in the life of the child.
  • Body contact helps with milk production, increases milk production, and after breastfeeding, breastfeeding also lasts longer.

  • Where can we Kangaroo?

    You're welcome to have your baby born in Hungary! In the case of birth-born, healthy babies, this is rarely the case, but you usually have to ask outside. Take a soft, warm blanket with you so you can cover it and spend it longer in body contact for more time in the bedroom as well.
    In the case of premature babies in the intensive care units there is mostly no possibility for kangarooing - the only exception is that the University of Debrecen's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has to be reviewed. When the baby moves from the intensive care unit to the aftercare class, the chances of kangarooing improve, but usually you need to ask for it.
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