Bendegъz became an ubiquitous babe!

Bendegъz became an ubiquitous babe!

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Erika worked on it, sporting baby kittens with little concern. Although the baby was born in a very different way, as she had imagined, Bendegzz became a beautiful, healthy little boy!

Erika, Levente and Bendegъz

- It was a couple of lessons to learn, right?
- I really want to share these! First of all: you shouldn't get that much (five kilos!), you need to be able to command the pursuit of age. Well, I wasn't really able to do that, and now the fighters are back on track.
- Work and sport all the way?
- Abboul wouldn't let you down for a second, in fact! The last three weeks when I stayed home, I was confused semmittevйssel It passed. We were all ready, the panties folded, the baby room shining, I was just looking for the baby anxiously. For an active, tireless person, it is only natural for you to get ready for the baby's arrival at work, right? How much benefit my fitness has been revealed after childbirth.
- Did your birth help you?
- THE regenerбlуdбsban It was Urbsi's role.
- Looks like you don't have much time to talk about Bende's birth.
- I don't wanna marry anyone! I really wanted a natural baby, and I stressed this many times to my doctor. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. Only the fetal water was gone, the ferns were weak. At the hospital, I received a booster boost and then an infusion to go quickly. It wouldn't have been a problem, but as time went by, Bende didn't want to give birth. His head was too big and I looked like any other stramm, unfortunately I couldn't bring it to light on a natural path. When the baby's voice was so bad, they kissed me. It was a redeeming cesarean section, to be honest, I didn't even fall. A week after the surgery, I woke up and had a lot of fun. The role in that was that I really wanted to see the little one because she was in an incubator and could only see it when I went there.
- What happened to Bendé?
-The real stress started when I thought I was born and we were over the hard way. I suspect birth difficulties have led to her values ​​being overturned. It was huge, barely rubbed into my incubator, crying, but not letting me take it. Those lords seemed very long and impenetrable. You don't know what to think about the problem. I was terribly scared, but after all the examinations were negative, I gave up. From that moment on, everything was fantastic. Besides that, I also saw a nasty crash on the infant class.
- What happened?
- In one of his newborn spirits, he dropped the milk, and he was a dreadful poor, drowning. You might think that the day I got out of the hospital, I was rushed to death. I said, if your life is based on being with me, then over with the principles! The principles ... They're just throwing them into the whore.
- Is sleeping together?
- After a week, it turned out that Bende is very mature and well developed, and it is easier to sleep if we don't disturb each other. Enjoy the night, eat a lot, grow, day by day!
- And you are active.
- Because you must! That's not how I like myself! Half a year later I still have six pounds, but not too many! My son had a week to run when I first ran uber. Then we started running together, pushing back the stroller is much harder, but it is worth it! We run a full hour three times a week. I can only recommend to everyone! Plus, one lesson: Be regular after birth! If you only have half a week, it matters a lot! A slow shower, makeup, or a minute of steam in the neighborhood drugstore, like a new toothbrush - a miracle!
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