Wonderful teddy bear night light in anesthesiaPillangу teddy bear night light - Game Test

Wonderful teddy bear night light in anesthesiaPillangу teddy bear night light - Game Test

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I was really excited about the new night light because every night a little lantern was lit until the kids were asleep, I was really hoping that this game would come in with the little ones and pick the little one. So it did.

THE Fisher-Price Pillangу teddy bear night light a little sphere that has such a mini-foot and is home to a butterfly teddy bear, which can be a baby-friendly little girl. The lamp has a variety of possibilities: it emits music, sounds of nature, casts a sky full of stars (and a small moon) on the wall, ceiling, and has alternating colors - night light features.The night light soothes the children Each program can be used on its own, without having to turn on the rest. You can also set the duration of the different programs in 10-20-30 minute intervals, which will switch off. The lamp is battery-operated and its surface is easy to handle. The volume of the music can also be set on it. The lamp was placed in the children's bedroom and the projector and night light were turned on at bedtime. We used the music program rather to facilitate daytime sleep.

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The projector draws a very nice starry skyline on the ceiling of the kids' room, which not only they but I also really like. If it's harder for them to fall asleep, they gaze carefully at the stars until they are banished. The night light function makes it easier for parents to see the light in the room, as you can tell children to switch on the lights, waking them up. In conclusion, I think night light is a very useful product, both for the parent and the child. Not too strong with light, the night-night scene, the soothing musical sound, and of course, the cute baby is clearly a lovely, interesting and soothing game.Related articles on Child Development:
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