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I also look at working mothers, which I am

I also look at working mothers, which I am

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It is great to see working mothers when we are not mothers, and when we are. The author of said in a letter that she sees working moms nowadays.

I also look at working mothers, which I am. At some point, I was the youngest employee in the place where I worked. A lovely little girl who was ready to buy the world! Somebody go back in time and tell them things aren't quite the way he thought they were?Over the years I've worked with a lot of moms - I work in nonprofit management, which is mostly a field full of women, and they are more attracted to this scene. The working moms I met were, of course, fantastic, but there were a lot of things about them that I didn't even consider, only after I became a working mother myself. I realized that they were on the battlefield at 8 am, but I didn't realize how much of a challenge it had been in their day, because kids had to be woken up, fed, dressed up, taken to school / school. without thinking that it was made by a little man, "the office mom?" the content could have been matched up by email, they had worked diligently on projects that the staff had been completely drafted in, and the kings had read with a touch of patience and patience, anything that happens in the office is not nearly as important as what happens in your home life.I watched the working mothers almost count down until 5 in the evening, and then ran out the door as if the house was burning. Arrуl had no idea that this only started the second half of the day. I didn't know then that when they started, they had to settle in the dugout and start to count how long it would take to get to school, pick up the kid, get home, cook dinner, how much time to stay at home, cook, to lay the children down. I didn't even know that going home from work was the only time they could be alone, and the only time they can stop working from being a mother is to work. that my life was completely upset.I watched the working mothers smile at me even when I was just being rough or rude, and it didn't bother them even if I didn't remember their kids' names, even though we worked together for years. I smiled politely when they told me a nice story about kids, but then I still did not know that his heart was filled with love for the things they were telling me.And Arrul had no idea that a working mom would be really relieved that she could go out to the bathroom to be alone, and she could close the door for a short while. arrуl that the kid is sick, so they can't go in to work. And I was asked if I could help with that. Or can I call someone to schedule a meeting for that. I had no idea how guilty they were about being exhausted from the previous night's care and how relieved they were to stay home for just a day. Even if it was a day when they had to clean up the sick after a sick baby all day. , and I told them we didn't know what to miss. I had no idea this wasn't true.I never understood why they panic when they search for them on the phone at school, and that these calls usually start like the kid's okay, but ?, then start to list incidents that should be dealt with sooner. Neither do I find that a few days of work separate them from the best home evenings at times. I don't know that I haven't realized how great they really are. Most days are great at work and then at home. And they never think about themselves, and spend the night thinking about what to do the next day so they can do better. (VIA)Related links: