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Mom works, but there is no room in the door

Mom works, but there is no room in the door

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There is a lot of struggle for Békéscsaba places, and not everyone gets to school. What can you do if you have not been admitted to a local authority?

Among the family frames: the family sun

It is not easy to open and operate a family sunny day, because there is a serious set of rules that describe how it works. Although it seems like a simple matter - to take care of a few children in a family home - there are a lot of obligatory costs that make this form dreadful.
A very straightforward solution is, in the West, an accepted and popular way of looking after children. In the family sunshine, small children are among small family groups. The mood is like going to the kid's play room next door. Prices are lower than in a private kindergarten, though there are usually no extra services (English, Dance, Ace and the like). They are more flexible than municipal institutions, leave time to get used, take into account individual needs (it is possible to drink from baby bottles and sleep as much as you want). You should also keep less of the disease, because the small number of children means less disease.

Family Solar, as its name implies, cares for other children, from the age of seven weeks until the age of fourteen, within the family framework. It can work with up to a maximum of two, but if the caregiver has the help, you can have up to two more children. The family's day-to-day operation is not tied to a vocational training, and you need to complete a forty-hour course to get started. Brack: $ 40,000 to $ 80,000

When should you choose this?

- If you go back to work, you need a safe placement for your child.
- Certain (not one hundred) percent of your payment covers your family's daily fee.
- It is important that the child is in the community of other children, but not in a crowded kindergarten group.

What are you paying attention to?

- Family day-to-day operations do not require any special skills. Of course, in the vast majority of cases, owls and ward care workers choose this form of self-employment, but be sure to ask who has the experience (what age) and work experience they have.
- Look closely at the family home where the sun goes down. How kid-friendly is there a garden if they move out, what the neighborhood is like ...
- How to solve the deal? Although this is strictly regulated, you know where to order, how much fruit is on the table, what to drink.
- Look at the games, the equipment, ask everything you are uncertain about. Once you have voted in confidence in the family, don't worry! Kids will keep you in mind if you have any concerns, not to mention that they will mark your relationship with the caregiver if you keep looking for mistakes.
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