Why do you have a washable diaper?

Why do you have a washable diaper?

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"Well, I'm not gonna wash your poop anyway!" - throw in the most persuasive letter to the disposable diaper mommy, and the washable diaper mommy answers, "I don't do it, I have a washing machine."

Now how is it? What happens to the show diaper? And why is this all wash good?

Rike was washing pelus

Three of my mother-in-law's mother got to know the washable diapers last week and then tested them on my baby's buttocks. I solemnly state that I have not yet been "fully infected", so in the following entry you can count on an objective summary of the information:

"Washing is such a big macer."

It's no doubt that anyone who was a mom at the time when she had to cook, wash, chill, iron her tetris, make sure she put it on, and put her ugly rubber panties in the public place . The diaper was really big macera back then! In contrast, modern washable diapers can be machine washed and even tetra-shaped sponge inserts that do not need to be ironed.
And now the paperback is coming! Somehow, this is not what the public is aware of: the paper insert - nicknamed kakifogou paper - comes in direct contact with the baby's buttocks, thus catching the "surprise" big part. And what goes with the diaper (especially breast milk) is rinsed before washing, just as a disposable diaper would do with the baby's clothing after a "neck-like" attraction.

"I don't think washing the shower is that much cheaper, because there is water and electricity in the washing machine, and the detergent isn't free either ..."

It is true that energy, money and time. However, it is also true that disposable diapers, which are thrown away in a trash can with their contents, are decomposing hazardous waste over several hundred years. And by the time the child becomes clean, we will buy 3-5,000 (!) Diapers. And eat it. This last one is mostly for the kid, so generating about 1 tonne of trash, which is nothing "performance", is it? There's a great online calculator out there that uses our own diapers and washing habits (we clean our child a day, we wash a week, how much energy we use, how much we eat). eldobhatу diaper costs. Are you wondering what kind of results you get? Click here to view: Washable Diaper Calculator

"I tried, but it didn't work."

Just as you need to experience the disposable diaper that is the most accident-free type for a baby's body, there are thousands of washable diapers. You know you don't have to buy and then get rid of the supplies you have bought: it is worthwhile to have your mushroom proliferation washed in one of the washing clubs or in online forums or groups. There are countless places you can exchange pennies so you can venture risk-free while finding the perfect type for you to invest in.

"This is all a fashion fan!"

I don't argue about being fashionable. It is easy to fall into fire if you keep hunting for the sweetest and newest diapers. After all, as with any fashion item, you have to pay some money for the coolest brands, which may not be much cheaper than their own counterparts. Because this culture is also evolving, more and more domestic mothers end up in diaper curl, and even nappies that are made of recyclable material: they are tired of clothes, shirts can be very cool, and you have all the things that China is looking for. pieces that fit your own purse and don't forget that you can use them for a little while, but you can sell them lightly so you can get back a little money from your initial investment.

Moshatу's in diapers

Of course, it is up to everyone to choose which diaper is the simplest, most straightforward solution for them, but if you choose to do something for the environment and your heart, getting and disposing of a disposable diaper and carrying a lot of used pelus in a bin is a must), make a try with a washable diaper. You have nothing to lose, in fact! The author runs a popular blog called "Secrets Blog" but you also find it on Facebook