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Playtype mother-in-law

Playtype mother-in-law

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While many types of play dads are known, there are only two types of play dads.

Playground mothers have two types

One who takes off his shoes in the sandbox and the other who doesn't. The former tend to think that the playground is a children's public space, while the latter know that moms were trying to get their way across the wall. The former is called "topanyuk", not the latter. It is not uncommon for these to be the last ones, not for the poultry, for the socially excluded to try to play straight! I really don't want to point my fingers, but ... I'm sorry. creamy crown, neatly positioned around the edge of the sandpit to close the slippers and the edge of the hem, and then gracefully move inside the sandpit. She's sanding with a kid. Sand muffins are baked, with great taste, with endless patience, endlessly. No, you don't even think about scrolling through a magazine on the nearby bench. Apparently asking for your comment. He never gets sand in his toddler's hair, and he doesn't even bother with it. Top kids never yell ornate pee-poo boys and sing nursery rhymes in the sandy center. This is obviously your educational request. It takes about a minute for a child to swing after forgetting to sand, and topanya to list the whole day with a smile, not a trace of his cellphone. This is obviously your request for comment. Top kids do not require a pretty white fluffy cube, they eat a big ball with a draped organic apple of Szabolcs, and this is an open parenting request. Topans are attracted to each other. Their sensitive sensors scan their mothers' auburn and quick friendships with like-minded people so they can enjoy every mother for two to three years (per child). They are jealous, their topic is publicity, I don't know, nobody ever wanted to talk to me. Obviously I have a problem. Following the short terrain, the bell of the temple hangs, topanya gathers the top children, and loudly informs the united earthly mortals that they have to start because they have to. I also gather the kids, let them know loudly that we are going to start, because I still have to cook my lunch and then discreetly shuffle the men in the nearby dining hall. It reassures me that I have to queue up and other mothers "cook" in plastic food carriers. Do you take off your shoes in the sandbox? The author of "Secrets Blog" runs a popular blog, but you also find it on Facebook
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