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Symptoms of extreme pregnancy

Symptoms of extreme pregnancy

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An uterine pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy when the fertilized egg is not conceived in the womb.

Symptoms of extreme pregnancy

According to statistics, every 100-150 live births have an extra-uterine pregnancy, so the total pregnancy is approx. per one percent. Let's see what the symptoms are. Usually fertilization occurs in the outer third of the fallopian tubes, from where the fertilized egg stays inside the uterus, where it germinates. The transfusion lasts for 3-4 days, during which time the egg is surrounded by a dense layer, which prevents infestation. If at this time the fertilized egg does not get into the old manthen it sticks to the embryo and begins to develop there.Every pregnancy with the same symptoms of pregnancysuch as uterine pregnancy: missed menstruation, tension, nausea, vomiting, frequent urinary urgency, mood swings.The first sign of uterine pregnancy after missed menstruation is brown. In this case, you should see a doctor immediately as this may indicate both an uterine pregnancy and an abortion. Another symptom may be abdominal pain, low back pain. Heavy bleeding may also occur, especially when the fetus breaks the egg wall. If ovulation or cardiovascular morbidity occurs, ovarian tear may occur, in which case rapid blood loss may occur, with sudden onset of nausea, blood pressure, lethargy. early detection is very importantbecause it can prevent unexpected and life-threatening abdominal bleeding. That is why every positive pregnancy test, if you are aware of any strong, unusual bleeding, pain your mother will immediately tell your doctor. If there is no embryo in the uterus, it is suspected that there is a non-uterine pregnancy. A vaginal ultrasound may not be able to detect an abortion, but a positive test may indicate a pregnancy. In this case, hospital monitoring is required.Your body itself may be able to solve the problem. In other cases, if you recognize it early enough, your treatment with a medication will also fail. In some cases, surgical intervention is required.Related articles about Pregnancy Pregnancy:
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