The Ombudsman is examining the new school age regulation

The Ombudsman is examining the new school age regulation

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There are still many inquiries about the school-leaving examination, and the Ombudsman has launched a comprehensive inquiry into the new regulation.

Ombudsman examines new regulation for school-leaving examination (photo: iStock)Previously, we also realized that as of January 1, 2020, the kindergarten will extend a one-year extension to a professional decision. Previously, the statute was that by August 31 of a given year, a child who had reached the age of six should start school in September, but the parent could ask the child's supervisor for another year. This has been changed by the government in the summer, and it is no longer the decision of the parent in the middle of the school, but it is made by a specialist. The request to the parent for this apply to the Education Office by January 15th. Examinations needed to decide when to start school a pedagogical services.Szél Bernadett An independent parliamentary spokesman asked Mr Kozma Beck on the procedure, the Fundamental Rights Commissioner assured that there were no fundamental rights rules that were not known. Among others, he commented that, in my view, it is a fundamental right that the implementing rules for school-leavers had not been born before the start of the school year. The requirement of legal certainty deriving from the rule of law enshrined in Article B (1) of the Fundamental Law violates the fact that data subjects cannot be informed in due time of the rules which apply to them. The legislator should allow sufficient time for regulatory bodies and individuals to decide how to comply with the provisions of the law. There is a biological, psychological, and social maturity of the child - see page 24. Parents also suggested that the new rule should not be introduced in a gradual ascending manner, but by the next teacher.
The Ombudsman panaszbeadvбnyok alapjбn ezйrt бtfogу vizsgбlatot indнtott йs approached the Human Erхforrбsok Minisztйriuma oktatбsйrt felelхs бllamtitkбrбt is.Az alapvetх Rights tцbbek kцzцtt feltбrni wants to intйzkedйs йrint vбrhatуan hбny child, whether it felmйrte the szaktбrca, йs that if the New Account due to the regulation, the number of the first children increases, what measure does the ministry respond to (start of new classes, development of classrooms, recruitment of teachers). According to the briefing, the decree is expected to come into force by December 31st. The ministry is cautioning children and parents and trusts that the ombudsman will offend the interests of those affected, said Szél Bernadett.
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