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There are also stem cells in breast milk!

There are also stem cells in breast milk!

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We still do not know all the secrets of the wonderful effect of breast milk. Researchers in Austria have made another major discovery in this field.

Breast milk aids in stem cell research because it contains stem cells capable of being transformed into any cell, and is accessible and easy to use - even if you read some of its benefits.
A young researcher at the University of Western Australia, Photo by Hassiotou his results may be an answer to one of the grim problems of stem cell research: he realized that there are also stem cells in breast milk that can grow further, and more.

Breast milk is the best thing you can give

Stem cell treatments in the future may also cure serious or fatal diseases such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, or pancreatic tumors. Foteini Hassiotou revealed that stem cells in breast milk can also be thought to be other cells in the body, including bone, fat, liver or even brain cells. This discovery can reduce the need for embryonic stem cells and speed up the development and treatment of therapists in the future. The new result that these can be transformed into foreign cells in the same way as embryonic stem cells, has now helped to facilitate the exploration of the potential of stem cells, both ethically and technically. In the coming months, dr. Hassiotou attempts to prove his hypothesis by further examinations. All this is a major obstacle to stem cell research, as there is so abundant availability of stem cells in breast milk.
On the other side, these results further extend the list of valuable properties of breast milk. Researchers are also curious about the role of stem cells in breast milk, and why it is important for the baby's newborn body - what is the role of breastfeeding in baby nutrition.
Forrбs: Trenwith, C. (2011): UWA discovers 'ethical' embyonic-like stem cells in breast milk. The Sidney Morning Herald, October 18, 2011.
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