When and why do I artificially start a baby?

When and why do I artificially start a baby?

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Even today we do not know exactly how many factors play a role in the birth of a child.

When and why do I artificially start a baby? Is it enough for the birth of a baby to start? Can the condition of the fetus or mother justify intervention and termination of pregnancy? Even today we do not know exactly how many factors play a role in the birth of the child.It is clear that the regular and strong contraction of the lumbar muscles oxytocin called hormone. In addition to the design of the "outlet gate", the condition of the cuffs, ie the position, shortness, softness of the cervix and the bulk of the cavity, are also essential. In subsequent processes, the prostaglandin hormone plays an important role. As medicine has been able to artificially preserve and apply these two hormones, it seemed plausible that they could help to account for and control a little process.

Programmed birth

Fortunately, today, the past is a bump when it does oxytocin infъziу йs prostaglandin zselйk, tablets, and pills take advantage of each other to value programmed births. "Programming" seems to be a convenient solution, as the baby is delivered at a time when everyone is on the job and all the conditions are given: moving grandmother and grandfather.

Are you a programmed parent? Or wait until the baby wants to go out on his own?

THE programmed birth preconditioning is fetal maturity, head position, condition of cervix, cervix, suggestive of childbirth. It is important that the myocardium responds responsively to oxytocin: if they are predominantly infected with oxytocin, they will develop adequate intensity and frequency of congestion. This process is not yet irreversible. If artificial hormone delivery does not begin to induce vomiting, the infusion may be stopped and the fetal period may be restarted before the onset of the baby. The baby is a prostaglandin. Its sensitivities vary, so it may be too potent to have an effect, and for another drug: stopping an infusion of butterflies.


Another is the case when the weaning is started by shelling. Unfortunately, it is often the case that this is done almost immediately at the entrance examination, with the consideration that it will speed up the process and everyone will be over sooner. However, the fracturing cannot be done unexpectedly. "Your tick is ticking," the risk of infection increases, which is often exacerbated by frequent internal examinations. If the baby is slower than expected after birth, the antibiotic should be given to the baby after a while. the head of the fetus does not advance in the birth canal. My mother suffers in the middle, also not a little, since the musculature is regularly and vigorously contracted. The doctor and the nurse to "help" with manual aids, but it is extremely painful, which does not always produce the desired result. Increasingly, CTG indicates that the baby's vocal chords do not return to normal values ​​in short headaches. The next step in this situation is the cesarean section. It might have been avoided if the unnecessary, delicate intervention in this situation, the fracture of the envelope, had not occurred. the egg was open two weeks ago. It is very important, therefore, that in an ambiguous situation, a prudent decision is made about whether or not to rupture the envelope and when exactly this operation is to be performed. " not needed, but it may be justified to have a proper dermal fracture. Experience has shown that it is extended to 4-5 cm (a little two fingers), with an enlarged dorsal neck, so that the ... ) is particularly toxic. It has an unfavorable effect on functioning, can cause childbirth, and it sometimes makes for an avoidable surgical ending, "says the 2002 Feminine Folklore Protocol, which describes all the essentials. without prior notice, post-hiring, at least afterwards I want to know why and how this intervention is done.
T. AndreaCracking and fracturing is not painful if you are advanced on birth, and you are ready to go to the finishing stage because you do not want to burst underneath your feet, even in the baby's envelope. The young woman is placed on a test table or bench, lying on her back, with her feet upright. Shelling can only occur under the head (this is quite unpleasant). that just have to be popped. Cracking is performed with tools that chop, filter, or crack the casing. If there is amniotic fluid between the baby's skull and the shell, it remains relatively light, as in the example of a tight tassel. If there is no so-called dehydration, the fetus may also be injured in the middle of the head.However, they do not sheath, because they release substances that can strengthen the cavity, the beans. If the fracture of the shell is used to induce birth, it is at a much earlier stage than in the skull, which is harder to reach with the fingers than in the upper skull. This is also more difficult for the doctor and may make the expectant mother more uncomfortable.Hint: THE internal examination less headaches if we manage to relax better. In the meantime, let the air out slowly. At this point, both the abdominal wall and the dam are relaxed. If you are not ready for the exam yet, feel free to tell us or mark with your raised finger. The doctor should tell you before the exam, so when your patient is not in the exam, what happens next, why, and why. You must also ask for your patient's consent.


It is only necessary if, due to the sudden danger of the fetus, it is necessary to terminate childbirth quickly and this is the fastest possible hope. In this case, she nearly smoothes out the almost-lost cavity and then presses the mother under heavy pressure. The helper exerts pressure on the fetus through the abdominal wall. According to WHO, routine implantation should not be recommended for childbirth, as it can cause the uterus to dry. However, If this can be smoothed under the head of the skull, the doctor will block the cleft lip.
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In a more experienced puppy book on natural methods, preference is given to a number of risk-free, "gentle" parenting methods, among others. We can do such things before shelling, infecting, and molding.These will also be useful in your birth: