Winners of the Big Family Lifeform

Winners of the Big Family Lifeform

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I remember when I only had one child, but the second one had a lot of questions thrown at me…

Lots of kids, lots of tasks, and lots of fun (the picture is just an illustration)

Is it possible to love the little one as I love my one-eyed child right now? How will I be able to watch two people at once? Won't your big baby come to hurt? How can I help him with this? And I'm going to help me do twice as much in the middle of now? I have kids now and I can tell you they can survive. You can even enjoy life with many children! Of course, there are a few things that one child does not really think about.
Just to give you a little insight:
  • If I bring a small egg for dinner, I need two (t) boxes of eggs to be home.
  • Making pancakes is a very long activity because I made at least 1 kg of flour.
  • Changing your linen is a whole cool night program, because by the time everyone is washing and drying their entire bedding and sheets, it is a minimum of two days.
  • I have three dreadful opinions.
  • The number of pairs of socks is quite large.
  • The hallway is a space that can never be too big. Just think, in the rainy weather, it looks like our hallway: everyone has a pair of shoes (well, I don't just have one) plus rubber boots. And jackets, raincoats, blazers, vests, thick hoodies, etc.
  • Only the winter is worse. Then I keep gloves, hats, feathers in a huge basket.
  • Six of us didn't get caught in a normal passenger car, so we had to get a seven-person car. Which doesn't seem that big to me, but when I park in the city center, I feel like I drive IFB.
  • At the College, I give you a logistics exam: Organize kids 'school, trainings, classes, and parents' external capacity.
  • Some children are sick at once. And it can survive. But it was advisable to take a day off to be "child-free" and to sleep for 15 hours at a time, so that one would not completely digest his contents.
  • The evening program (dinner-fairy tale) is a low-pitched one. It depends on how long the story is. Because everyone can choose one.
  • This is the fourth time I have been up many times at night with my baby. I know that anyone who does this with their first child can't even imagine how to do it without splashing. (I couldn't even imagine it.) But it can be done. But the maternal body is wonderful: it always manages as much energy as it has. When I spend a whole night at night, I feel like I am energized the other day.
  • I don't remember the last time I slept at eight o'clock in the morning. There's always an age-old kid who made dawn cartoons.
  • I only buy toilet paper in megapacks.
  • Our use of clothing shoes is maximal. As they lock into each other's clothes, the fourth child now has a significant repertoire of "play-for-good-for-you" stuff.
  • I have a 12 liter soup pot.
  • If you cook it, I have to put a couple of slices in it most of the time so that my brother can stay in it for the evening as well.
  • An average Sunday lunch in your laundry does not fit in a 12-area dishwasher.
  • I told the books of Anna, Peti, Gergõ to nosebleeds. There's always an age that has it all.
But it is no better when I go into the nursery in the evening and hear sniffling and snoring. Or when I get home somewhere, and they are gnawing at me all at once.
And yes, you can love every child with the same intensityYou can also meet the author's comments here: All Soul Magazine, FB Page