Pregnancy Pregnancy: Should I Worry?

Pregnancy Pregnancy: Should I Worry?

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Even before pregnancy, suspect cases must be investigated, as blood clotting conditions change during pregnancy! About the relationship between childhood and blood, dr. Zsuzsanná Szélessy, chief physician at the Thrombosis Center for Hematology.

Pregnancy Pregnancy: Should I Worry?It has a variety of origins and varying degrees of severity. Among the circulatory haemorrhages, the most common Von Willebrand a disease caused by a deficiency or reduced action of the coagulation factor of the same name. Although the most common hemorrhage is sedated, it is mild in 80 percent. Mild to moderate blood pressure does not affect pregnancy, since it is also known that the Willebrand factor is active during pregnancy. In spite of this, pregnant women who are prone to bleeding need not only regular pancreatic check-ups, but also frequent hematologic specialist care!In many cases, the problem of bloodiness remains undetected!However, there are few symptoms that call attention to this:
- long-lasting bleeding after tooth extraction,
- blue patches appear on the body with minimal (not taken into account) mechanical stress,
- recurrent nosebleeds,
- severe menstrual bleeding,
- iron deficiency anemia,
- the occurrence of hemorrhage in the family.Many people, even if they experience these symptoms, do not seek medical attention, but if the illnesses were treated, the quality of life caused by severe important reasons for timely diagnosis, elimination of surgical interventions and postpartum haemorrhagic events. Diagnosis can be made easily from a blood test and from a laboratory examination. An important task in a specialist examination is to distinguish between the diagnosis of the underlying disease, as the diagnosis of the underlying disease. Zsuzsanna Szélessy.
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