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Diagnosing diabetes at an increasing ageA third of diabetic children under the age of six

Diagnosing diabetes at an increasing ageA third of diabetic children under the age of six

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Up to 15-20 years ago, diabetes occurred between the ages of 7-12 and 12-15, while more than 30 percent of newly discovered diabetic children are six years younger.

We are diagnosed with diabetes at an increasing age

This is the head of the recently opened Children's Neuropathy Center, Blatniczky Lбszlу said to InfoRabdi, adding that one of the center's goals is to screen out early-onset diabetes. Autoimmune Type 1 diabetes can occur as early as at a young age, with with lifestyle, obsession, excessive carbohydrate intake Related type 2 diabetes can develop in early adolescence. The incidence of both types is increasing, meaning that diabetes is affecting more and more children. neuropathy may be a serious condition, that is, nerve disease. It can also occur in two forms: autonomic neuropathy can cause functional disorders of the cardiovascular system and digestive system, even in the case of peripheral neuropathy, especially in the lower extremity. , but the risk of young adulthood should not be neglected by preventive childcare, says the head of the institution. Studies have shown that there is an increased risk of neuropathy when blood glucose levels are untreated and in those who have been ill for a longer period of time. However, it is not uncommon for diabetic adolescents to reach adulthood by the time they reach adulthood, so some changes can be observed as early as childhood. For children under the age of 10 who have diabetes and adolescents after two years It's worth filtering neuropathy and other events.It can be reliably screened for neuropathy in the Pediatric Neuropathy Center, recently opened at the Buda Children's Hospital. early and regular screeningand manage it. Nearly 400 children can be examined at the center a year, and regular screening of thousands of patients is planned in the long term. This includes children from Budapest, Pest, Fejér, Komárom-Esztergom and Szolnok counties.
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