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Look for a storybook too!

Look for a storybook too!

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The big storybook of the country will be published in March. But in the meantime, you can meet countless other storybooks in the most unexpected places.

More than a thousand stories, poems and sayings were enough for a three-year story to tell, grandparents to "Tell Every Day!" Proclaimed by the Media Foundation named story. The success of the application is also indicated by the numbers: if more than a thousand tales were to be copied, a 4100-page, middle-sized book could be published. You can read the best creations in the big storybook in the March issue of the campaign, featuring works by well-known domestic artists.

In the meantime, by the time you're done, you can find countless other storybooks in the most unexpected places around the country: on a bench, next to a jetty, on the bus, or on the train. "Tell me everyday!" The previous campaign campaign was born of storybook collecting, until December 7th, we waited for unnecessary or bored books. And what will happen to your collected volumes? They're getting married! Don't be surprised to find a storybook around the city! Take me home, read it, then forgive me again. Put them down on a coffee table or hop on a tram to get as many kids as possible.
For the evening storytelling, Tell everyday! page You could play a fairy tale.


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