What is it like to be born?

What is it like to be born?

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It is not uncommon for a mother to decide what conditions a little brings to the world: she can choose a comfortable posture, and even give birth to water in a few places. But what about the baby? Х how does бt handle all this?

Imagine it is delicious, warm we live in kuckou through the months, away from anything that is shit. The lights, the sounds are gentle, the ambient temperature is steady, and there is no intense physical effect on us. One day, then, more precisely, almost everything changes: we have to look comfortable, soft-hearted, and try ourselves in a very narrow passage, with a relatively stiff, bony look. we hear things like never before. No wonder megijedьnk. Also, the progress is very exhausting, and the place is terribly tight. Once we get out, there is a bright light - our eyes are accustomed to blurry light. The sounds are still louder and the temperature is cooler than inside. Fбzunk. We come from a fearful steadiness into a wild, hectic environment - something like this baby when it comes out, and you still have no idea how alert you are to switching your donation to using your cord in minutes.

Imagine living in a delicious, hot bucket for months at a time, and then one day, just about everything changes

If you end the transmission cord too soon - before it stops pulsating - you will not go through it again and the lung will does not produce oxygen, so for a short time, the little one gets into an oxygen deficient state, and the air flowing into the lungs during the first breaths causes pain - that's why babies sigh.

Help him!

You can help make your arrival more relaxed! One thing about everyday things: if possible, protect yourself from loud noises and ask your helpers to pay attention to the light conditions - it might be good for you as well, it is easier to relax in a quieter environmentYou can also make this little little ridge smoother. As the baby strives outward, an intense, high-friction between the vagina wall and the cape emerges, which the magzatvнz in many cases, it is not able to reduce properly, so it can be slower, more difficult, more painful for a parent. complications that can put your health and your health at risk. Rбadбsul the erхteljes sъrlуdбs kцvetkeztйben the hьvely falбt йrt sйrьlйsek regenerбciуja felйpьlйsed idejйt also meghosszabbнthatja.Mindezt elkerьlendх, svбjci professionals ezelхtt developed a termйszetes alapanyagъ speciбlis gйlt nйhбny йvvel that kнmйletesen, pusztбn baby йs the hьvelyfal kцzцtti sъrlуdбs does jуtйkony hatбsбt csцkkentйsйn keresztьl the using the gel to give birth an average of 30 percent, Tehбt jу esйllyel elkerьlheted the elhъzуdу possible komplikбciуit szьlйs, йs rцvidebb long to elviselnetek the szьlйs and szьletйs fбjdalmait.A gйl alkalmazбsбnak tovбbbi elхnye to the csцkkenti gбtrepedйs elхfordulбsбt the gбtmetszйs szьksйgessйgйt, thus sometimes fellйpх the gбtsйrьlйsek kцvetkeztйben, akбr sъlyos egйszsйgьgyi problems (such as incontinence, painful sexual life) can be a risk.