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Relax, you're doing good too! It's good to hang out with other moms!

Relax, you're doing good too! It's good to hang out with other moms!

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He didn't eat again. And he didn't sleep. And he's not used to it. And he's not used to it. And he didn't say nice. Neither did you say nice. If you feel like this, the waves are crashing over your head, you might be able to help the city.

As long as you look at each other on the playground, it may seem like "that other mom" is doing something much better and more confident. Or because, you see, you have time to carefully pile your clothes on the playground (you just shut up if you step out the door in your pajamas). Or just because you obviously enjoy sanding with the kid (which you can't stand) that he doesn't even care about his clothes.However, if they are mixed up, it may very soon be that they are hardly different. He is also precarious and insecure, just like you, but he may leave you in other situations as confident as you. " Rita. "I grew up in a really big Italian family, I have a brother, and we designed our life with my husband, we wanted at least like a kid. you are securing your own spiritual calamity by learning how to talk to other moms in your environment acceptably. If your wondering child thinks that you are listening well to others, and you lightly express your appreciation to others, you will be confident and resolved. yeah, we'll baby together, he coldly answered yes yes and disappeared I whined for weeks about what a goose goose could be, but somehow I strengthened myself, and invited me to go out for a long time, Kiderü. by the time the baby was having a hard time, and when we met, he just went through a special ultrasound scan because he thought it was wrong. It turned out that everything was okay with the little one, but also just so I whip the turkeys ... Now both of us have little sons born and that I think we have become very good friends. We have a lot of other things, but we both love the delicious coffee and we love to chit-chat - that helps all the fuss. "

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Unless you believe everyone else is a very confident mother, you can easily find yourself living in the middle of a typical "kitty fight" in the virtual space. You try and overcome unfamiliar acquaintances in the well-known battlefields of vaginal birth vs. cesarean, breastfeeding v. competing, envious, gossiping In terms of interest and honesty, you are wondering what the other is doing and why you are in the middle of the most sincere conversations. " Andi. "I was practically lost in the midst of my kids' activities, there were days when I didn't have a single minute to myself. of course, we slept with us in the big one, I adored them - but I started screwing up. What you find strange, incomprehensible, ask and try to understand. And what you envy about the miki, simply praise it. You will be surprised at how effective this is. It is almost certain that your interlocutor will be happy to adopt a positive speech style. If you do, and maybe openly criticize, don't be shy! Tell her you say goodbye and think about them. "Then I was registered in an internet forum where the kids of my younger age were chatting with each other. , йs only illendхsйg kedvййrt breastfed six hйtig week tцbbszцr also нrtam the fуrumra, йs Katбval always megtalбltuk egymбst Szнvbхl utбltam Aztбn someone organized fуrumtalбlkozуt where megismerkedtьnk also szemйlyesen -... very sympathetic йs meglepх mуdon lettьnk egymбsnak Бtbeszйlgettьk the dйlutбnt, йs kiderьlt. that we are both graciously striving for perfection, we are always maximized - and like these people in general, it would be very bad for somebody to disagree with us. We still don't understand almost anything, but we make jokes and don't fight. I feel much better about it. "

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But not only can common babies develop unexpected friendships, but old friendships can also be given a new sense that you are all slowly becoming mothers. And even so, it is not necessary for your children to be of the same age.Hell Zsuzsi did not neglect the development of a properly supported birthright. "I have three daughters, and since my first birth I felt like I needed a great deal of support from my little friends, but at that time, I only went along with them," he said. " when my youngest was born, i told all my mommy friends that anyakцrt I want to create it. The beginning was strange because they didn't know each other but me, and the form was unusual to come together just to talk about ourselves. that we want to pay attention to the rest of our role as women. We've been together for more than a year now, and we're building the power of these encounters. Not just Jin, everyone. I'm really glad that we are each other, and I dared to make huge changes and changes to their support that would definitely not have happened. " Also worth reading:
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